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From martyred Syria
From butchered Aleppo

Declaration of the socialist revolutionaries of the Leon Sedov Brigade

Let’s stop genocide and extermination of the masses of the Syrian revolution by Obama, Putin and Al-Assad!
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Stand up with the workers and oppressed people of Maghreb and Middle East

against the murderous dictatorship of Al Sisi in Egypt, against the US invasion to Afghanistan and their agents in Libya, against the Geneva Conference that from NATO to UN organizes the worst slaughter to the oppressed people!

For the destruction of the Zionist Fascist state of Israel! Long live the Palestine Intifada!

A single class, the same fight, one enemy:
the transnational companies, imperialism and their murderous governments and regimes!

Syrian resistance

Palestinean Intifada

Demonstration in Egypt


From the uprising France

Open the road to the active internationalism of the world working class!


The crisis of the working class and partial defeats are not due to the lack of fighting but because the leadership has sold us out to the class enemy.
Enough of the left currents which just illusion merchants! The Castro Brothers sold out Cuba to imperialism. Their partners, the "Bolivarian" as "squeezed lemons" attacked fully the Latin American working class, while they support the murderous Al Assad and Putin who slaughter the heroic Syrian revolution.
Syriza, the left of the Greek bankers, has 60 militant youth in its jails and has launched to concentration camps the Syrian refugees who are reaching Europe.

Today, the French youth and working class is standing up against the attack of the capitalist who are being taken the 35 hours work week and slaved the youth. The Obama's left want to expropriate this fight saying that with "real democracy" is possible to stop the capital attack. This is a lie! It is this imperialist "real democracy" which slaves us and plunder the oppressed peoples, the one that organizes the wars, that keeps in military bases in the entire planet. This is the counterrevolutionary "real democracy" of the Bourbons and Merkel, the 5th French Republic which invades Mali and bombs Libya and with Putin slaughter the Syrian masses and supports the Zionist state of Israel; the queen of England and the Anglo American plunder Africa and NATO and its military bases in the entire world. No more lies!

The Square of the Republiquee of the outraged (occupy) of France must not stand up the flags of the bourgeoisie regimes nor the ones of Marseilles but to raise the red flags of the Paris Worker Commune, the ones of the expropriation of the capitalist and the destruction of the imperialist regimes and states!
It is necessary to break the siege to the mine workers of Donbass who resist in Ukraine and the invader troops of IMF and the stab on the back of Putin and his Stalinist lackeys! Let's take the war cry of the Ukrainian mine workers: "Let's make USSR of the workers' and soldiers' counsel comes back!"

Down with the imperialist Europe of Maastricht!
For the United Socialist States of Europe from Portugal to the Russian steps!

International Call of #NuitDebout

Everyone to the International meeting in Paris on May 7 and 8, 2016!

May 15: International Fighting Day of the world working class!

see appeal of #Nuit Debout


Letters between FLTI and revolutionary Marxists of JRCL-RMF (Japan)

For an International Struggle Front to confront imperialism and its lackeys
within world working class!!

For an International Struggle Front to confront imperialism and its lackeys within world working class!
Today when the French working class and youth, the left of Syriza and PODEMOS are preparing a deadly trap against the revolutionary fight of French and European working classes. They want them to believe that with “real democracy” they can defeat the attack of Maastricht imperialist butchers.
From FLTI we proposed fighting  together the comrades of JRCL-RMF to prevent the defeat of the fight of the rebel France by the same leaderships who sold out Greek revolution; those who expropriate the fight of “outraged” in the Spanish State and supported French V Republic butchers who invaded Mali, bombed the Syrian masses, militarized France and are attacking their own working class.
Paris Republic Square is facing an alternative: whether it goes beyond the steps of “citizens” and their “real democracy” which was applied in Tharir Square in Egypt, with “democrats” giving the power to Al Sisi military board that massacred and imprisoned the fighters of revolution…
Or behind Paris Commune which will only win in the entire France, expropriating capitalists and overthrowing states, regimens and imperialist Maastricht, which plunders and exploits Eastern Europe and the world. Open the road to the Ukrainian miners who shout “For the return of USSR”!
“Real democracy” is a scam! Fascism and democracy come from the same drain called bankrupted imperialist capitalist.
In Latin America, left that claims this “real democracy” calls to support Dilma’s bourgeoisie government in Brazil under the excuse of “confronting” a so called “coup”. In the mean time from Japan the revolutionary Marxists of Pacific denounce the sellout of Cuba to imperialism, Obama’s tour around Latin America, and this anti-workers and pro-imperialist “Bolivarian” government in Brazil as well as the renegades of Trotskyism that support it.
In this trench we are fighting together, from the Pacific to Latin America, against the deceitful left who puts the working class at the feet of their executioners.

Long live the unity of revolutionary Marxists
from Pacific and Latin America!

See letter of FLTI to JRCL-RMF of April 23rd, 2016

See answer from JRCL-RMF of April 27th, 2016

Weekly Kaihoh (of JRCL-RMF) with the article against Dilma government and its supporter, with the fight of Latin American Trotskyists and their fight against Obama’s visit to Argentina and Cuba

Demonstration against US military bases in Okinawa, Japan


Argentina: For a May Day internationalist, anti-capitalist and in struggle!

April 29: The union bureaucracy gave a truce to Macri’s government who stole 50% of the worker’s wages

The dismissals are stopped and the wages are conquered with the fight in the streets

Fighting plan and General Strike now

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On May Day:

Let’s fight as in Tierra del Fuego!
23 unions coordinated, 57 days on strike confronting in Southern Argentina dismissals and retrenchments against their government by Kirchnerist government and bosses

Unfortunately, the FIT leadership divides workers’ vanguard. They agree laws with bosses’ politicians in the Parliament while they cancel union meetings where fighters may converge. Their deputies should “legislate” from the strike pickets of Tierra del Fuego workers who have been fighting for over 2 months fencing the power of exploiters of state government of Bertone, protected by Macri.

Let’s support and coordinate our fights with the workers of Tierra del Fuego!
If they win, we all win!

Reports from a great struggle:
Correspondent of Democracia Obrera from Tierra del Fuego

April 25, 2016

The group of tents besieging the governorate and the strike, are the symbol of the response of the workers to the attack of the bosses

see report

April 26, 2016

The mobilization of a SUTEF picket to the Ministry of educationprevented it, and the Government suffered a tactical political defeat.

see report


From Syria
April 20 2016
Letter from Syrian resistance to Tierra del Fuego teachers attacked by thugs from the trade union bureaucracy

see letter


From Brazil....

Neither the PT, nor the opposition...
Along with Brazilian workers and exploited to retake the combat of 2013, to organize and conquer the REVOLUTIONARY GENERAL STRIKE!

To stop the attack of the capitalists and the Government
of Dilma and Temer...

We need to fight as workers and exploited in Venezuela!

See statement

Ocupation of the National Congress


From Colombia....

In this May Day: Let's break down the borders! Enough of collaborationist leaders who subject us to the bourgeoisie country per country!

The "peace chats" of Obama, Castro, Santos and FARC are just chats
about high cost of living, hunger, dismissals and more misery!

For a NATIONAL CIVIC STRIKE against Santos' government and imperialism!

see statement


From Zimbabwe and Southern Africa....

For a May Day internationalist
and to struggle for the socialist revolution!

Out with the English crown, US, French and German imperialism from Africa!
Out with all military bases in the tormented Africa!

Out with Zuma and ANC of South Africa! Out with Mugabe’s government of Zimbabwe! Out with all governments agents of imperialism in the continent!

This May Day, we must say, as every day, our demands for bread, wages, decent work, health and education are not possible to be achieved within the framework of this rotten imperialist capitalist system. To be able to eat and have a decent life, it is necessary to fight for the victory of the socialist revolution, the working class taking power and expropriating the expropriators of peoples! For the oppressed to live, imperialism must die!

Zimbabwe and all Africa will be socialist or remain as a colony enslaved by the City of London and Wall Streett!
For the United Socialist States of the Black Republics in central and southern Africa!!

See statement of WIL

Marikana strike

Techers strike in Zimbabwe


The current “Martyrs of Chicago” are the refugees who die in the Mediterranean Sea killed by NATO’s navy

See report


From Chile....

The place of the Chilean working class isn't in the march and ceremony organized by the pro-imperialist bourgeois Government of Bachelet, her pro-bosses Ministers and the strikebreaking unionbureaucracy of the CUT


See statement


From Bolivia....

Neither a party nor submission to the capitalist, their parties, fake parliament under the orders of Wall Street

The working class and the mine vanguard must stand up!

see statement

Factory workers marching in El Alto