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August 22nd, 2018

With the new draft Constitution, the National Assembly recognizes private property of imperialism
and the new rich of the Cuban Communist Party (CCP)

A new stab in the back of Stalinism to the Latin American revolution

Amonth ago, the Cuban National Assembly (AN) approved a draft Constitution that will replace the current one, whereby the new rich of the CCP are ready to recognize the capitalist property they imposed recently.
As the Introduction of the Constitution Project says: "the economic system that is reflected maintains as essential principles the socialist property of all the people on fundamental means and planning, to which is added the recognition of the role of the market and of new forms of non-state property, including private. "
The definitive approval of the Constitution, a huge blow to the Cuban exploited prepared since 2013 by a commission of the Political Bureau of the CCP led by Raul Castro in person, will be done through a fully Bonapartist plebiscite, where you must vote for "Yes" or for "No" the 224 articles of the new Constitution project.
It is a new chapter in the delivery of Cuba to imperialism and world capitalism. What the Yankees could not achieve in 60 years, the Castro brothers and the CCP did: impose capitalist restoration on the heroic Cuban anti-imperialist masses.
After strangling the Latin American revolution of 1997-2006 that terrified Castroism and endangered ist restorationist plans -after agreeing with Obama and Wall Sreet in 2009-2010- it restored capitalism and became the propertied class.
It is a historical betrayal, a "1989" (year of capitalist restoration in the USSR, China, etc.) in the American continent. In the midst of capitalist bankruptcy, Castroism tells world workers: "A revolution like in 1959, which expropriates capitalists, never again; Socialism does not work anymore."
Maduro, Morales, Rousseff, Kichnerism, native "Bolivarian" bourgeoisies who strangled the revolution with Fidel and the WSF, applaud happily. Today, they allow Trump setting his feet in Latin America, with murderous governments like Ortega in Nicaragua or Maduro in Venezuela (which follow the path of butcher Assad in Syria), or in "oppositions" pro-imperialist puppet like Lula and Kirchner.
It cannot be hidden anymore that what prevails in Cuba is the private property of the Spanish, French, Canadian and Yankee monopolies and of the new Cuban bourgeoisie and the Church.
The new Constitution, by openly recognizing private property, comes to reify capitalist production relations imposed on the island in the last few years. As the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba recognizes in its introduction, they need "to make the Constitution correspond to our reality, the foreseeable future and the other measures that have been approved in the last couple of years".
Article 21, among the different forms of property that are recognized, includes "private: that exercised over certain means of production, in accordance with the provisions". The objective is to guarantee the legal security of the property of the new bourgeoisie of the CCP and the imperialist investments. It is a totally bourgeois Constitution, of defence of private property.
All the institutions of the Cuban State, its judges and courts, its Assemblies, and mainly officer caste in charge of the band of armed men, are organized around protecting the private property of the hotel chains, the imperialist investments, property of the cooperatives, and even the mansions of the new rich in El Laguito, etc., against the exploited.
We are no longer faced with a workers state that protected nationalized ownership of the means of production. In recent years it has become a bourgeois state that defends private property of the new rich and imperialism. The new Constitution legalizes this bourgeois class character of the Cuban State.
That fact that the new rich have suppressed the word "communism" in the text of the new Constitution is not accidental. They want to liquidate socialist revolution not only in the Law but in the consciousness of the heroic Cuban anti-imperialist masses.
The ex-bureaucracy of the CP and the Armed Forces became a native bourgeoisie associated with imperialism in tourism, mining (nickel), construction etc. The ex-bureaucrats and their families, their children, were enriched by the double currency as shareholders and thieves in GAESA and the joint ventures associated with imperialism -large hotel chains, Puerto Mariel (a free zone that serves as a deposit for containers to trade with US and the imperialist transnationals are installed to super-exploit the Cuban workers), etc.-; with frontmen in the cooperatives, superexploiting workers for U$18 per month; with the sale of health and education services in Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, which allowed them to leave dollars abroad, in Miami and the Bahamas; They became rich as a commercial bourgeoisie linked to ALBA.
With the right of inheritance in 2010, the former bureaucracy guaranteed transfering the property to their children. Now with the constitutional reform, property and the millions who fled abroad in these years will be laundered, with those who will buy by state-owned companies that they are now plundering. The model of these new rich is China and its "market socialism". Like the Chinese CP, the iron control of the Cuban CP over the State imposes a Bonapartist regime of terror on the masses with the Defense Councils of the Revolution, to guarantee the misery and the surrender of slave workers to imperialism. The free zone of Puerto Mariel, where workers are prohibited from having unions, is the reissue of the free zones opened in China after the Nixon-Deng Xiao Ping pact.
Cuban CP is already a bourgeois party, like that of the "red businessmen" of the Chinese PC, or the CPs of the oligarchs of Russia and Eastern Europe. The children of the ex-bureaucracy drive Mercedes Benz and BMW, wear Armani suits. They have luxury restaurants and companies linked to tourism, mansions in exclusive neighborhoods like El Laguito, where they live with military custody. It is the party of the bourgeois who embraced Obama and hoisted the US flag in Havana. The social base of this restoration is an avid bourgeoisie of business and property, consciously promoted since 2010 by the Cuban CP under the auspices of "self-employment" (which increased from 150 to 600 thousand since 2010) and the "cooperatives". Stalinism thus culminates the work of betrayal and delivery of all the triumphant revolutions of the twentieth century, from the former USSR, Eastern Europe and China in 1989 to Cuba, Korea and Vietnam recently. This is how the reactionary utopia of "socialism in one country" ended, which was fought by Trotsky and the Fourth International.
Capitalism will deepen hunger and misery, will bring massive unemployment and super-exploitation as in the former workers states of Russia, Ukraine and all of Eastern Europe, and even China. The yoke of Wall Street will be like in the worst years of Batista, with US transnationals and the gusanos of Miami coming to Cuba to buy companies and land for low prices.
The new rich have to impose monetary unification, which will be a brutal blow to the Cuban people. The plebiscite to approve the new Constitution prepares the conditions to do so, since it will legitimize the regime of terror of the PC and the Armed Forces, blessed by the Vatican.
Cuba is facing an iron alternative: to end up like Maduro's Venezuela or Ortega's Nicaragua, a US semi-colony plundered and massacred; or the workers and peasants defeat the government of the bourgeoisie of the CCP with a new social revolution and open a new chapter of the revolution in the American continent.


With capitalist restoration in Cuba, the World Social Forum ends its counterrevolutionary work in America. At the beginning of the 21st century, Fidel Castro and Chavez were in charge of strangling Latin American revolution, the uprising of the workers and peasants against the Bush’s offensive. With a policy of class collaboration with the native bourgeoisies -supported by the left by the renegades of Trotskyism- WSF betrayed the revolution and prevented the seizure of power in a number of countries in South America, such as Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador.
In 2009-2010, Castro and Chavez agreed with Obama. This meant the offensive to define capitalist restoration in Cuba and the betrayal of the Colombian resistance, today massacred by the paramilitaries and the Armed Forces.
In 2013, at the Tunisian WSF, they openly supported Assad’s massacre in Syria and handed over the post of the international counterrevolution to Podemos and Syriza, the parties of the New Left.
Today, thanks to the betrayals of WSF to the Latin American revolution, US imperialism comes for everything in Latin America commanded by Trump. The "good neighbour" policy of Obama is over. Now comes the "big stick".
Trump wants Raúl Castro and the new Cuban President Díaz Canel to kneel even more and give everything to their monopolies: the land for Cargill, the hotel chains to the Sheraton, the business of machines and supplies for construction and infrastructure to Caterpillar, etc.
Castroism and the Bolivarians, whether from the government like Maduro, Evo, Ortega, or from the "opposition" like Lula and the Kirchner, etc., guarantee Trump that the plans of imperialism are applied.
The Bolivarians withdraw from history as servants of Wall Street, massacring the people. Ortega bombed the rebellious city of Masaya, just like Assad does in Syria.
The surrender of Cuba to world capitalism is a huge defeat for the American and world working class. Castroism liquidated the only workers state on the continent, the only triumphant socialist revolution, for which entire generations gave their lives.
The currents that disowned Trotskyism follow Castroism that says "socialism does not work anymore". They definitively abandoned the struggle for the dictatorship of the proletariat. And while they deny workers the right to exercise their dictatorship against the exploiters, these parties, which fight for a "real generous democracy", only recognize to the bourgeoisie the right to exercise their dictatorship.
That is why they are with the "democratic" bourgeoisies and Stalinism. We can see PTS and FIT (Argentina), with its policy of class collaboration with Kirchnerism. In Peru, ITU is in a bloc with the Frente Amplio and the Maoist union bureaucracy of Patria Roja in the local elections in Lima.
LIT, which in Brazil claims to face class collaboration with PT, called to vote for Gustavo Petro, the candidate of the Antioquia bourgeoisie in Colombia. In the United States, US left supports the "Democrat" Sanders against Trump.
But imperialism does not bring more "democracy" but wars, famines and barbarism. The hour of socialist revolution has sounded under the crossfire of the class war. The American working class fights back in Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua and Haiti, against the plans of Trump and the IMF. That is why the struggle of the Cuban working class against the new rich of the CCP is inseparable from the struggle against US imperialism and its lackeys from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.
The most immediate task in Cuba today is the struggle to restore the dictatorship of proletariat under revolutionary ways. A new socialist revolution must be prepared, with armed councils of workers, peasants and soldiers defeating Castro’s government, crushing the bourgeois state and expropriating imperialism and the new rich from the CCP. The path is of the revolutionary Soviets of the October Revolution led by the Bolshevik Party and the Third International of Lenin and Trotsky. The only program that can lead to the triumph of a new socialist revolution in Cuba is that of the IV International of 1938. It is necessary to refound Cuban Trotskyism! Recover the IV International from the hands of the renegades of Trotskyism who gave it to Stalinism!


Juan Carballo