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Now, the US imperialist pirates disguise with Trump

--They seek to submit the US working class to new offensives against the world oppressed people
-USA, with more protectionism, seeks to keep its supremacy as ruling power

Trump comes to complete Obama’s job, adjusting the US war plan to smash
the world revolutionary spots

The Billionaire Donald Trump has just won the US presidential election. The whole reformist left currents of the world are repeating that Trump’s victory is “voting against the establishment”, as if he were not a man of the US imperialist monopolies. Ultimately, they are claiming that the establishment which supported Obama and tried to take Clinton to power is “progressive” and “democratic” and that a “counterrevolutionary ogre” won the election against it. It is not possible to listen to so much lie. Trump, owner of a 60-Story tower with his name in New York, one of America’s richest millionaires, does not fall from the sky. He comes from the sewer of the establishment of Wall Street, the US financial super-oligarchy, just like Clinton.
Trump is not only one of the richest imperialist bourgeois in the United States. He owns construction companies with fabulous profits around the world, especially made during 2003-2008 cycle with the real estate bubble. He is known as one of the greatest American business tycoons. In all these years he has met with MPs, senators and even presidents to discuss his businesses and those of the imperialist gang he represents, among them the so-called “Hedge funds” and other Wall Street parasites involved in the Real estate bubble, as it was seen with the outbreak of the mortgage crisis in 2008.
Can anyone really believe that in a Cesarist democracy (as USA’s) a man who is independent of the imperialist gangs could rule United States and the world? Every candidate and high officials of the state -in order to reach their positions- have made their career in the boards of US transnational companies. Trump has done it too... he is in boards and owns businesses. He belongs to the American imperialist bourgeoisie. He is part of the eight most important blocks of Wall Street and the 1% of parasites that hogged 50% of the world’s wealth.
How will Trump be the expression of an anti-establishment vote, if he named the president of the Republican Party as chief of staff and the entire establishment of the Democratic Party (including Clinton and Obama) called to support his administration? Trump is not a “crazy man” coming out of nowhere... he is the heart of the establishment and as such he will lead the US plan of the imperialist monopolies for world domination.

Trump turned out to be the boldest one
He discovered the new business in the world market in which to invest: the very US market

Truly, Trump has turned out to be the most insightful of the US establishment barons. First, he discovered -and this was not by chance, since he is a shareholder of a real estate monopoly- the US domestic market (which is part of the world market) as a new niche for new investments. The monopoly’s profit rate can be reconstituted partly because the US infrastructure (roads, trains, buildings, etc.) was abandoned for 20 or 30 years with no investment. All these years, the great US transnational relocated their companies voraciously taking advantage of the slave labour of China and the rest of the semi-colonial world.
Nowadays, there are plenty highly qualified workers, so that Wall Mart, Hewlett Packard, General Motors and many other transnational companies reinstall their companies in the US domestic market so the US working class can produce at Chinese costs. Alternatively those transnational companies can reinvest in India or other Asian countries, where the value of the labour force is well below China’s. The aim now is to colonize China, take its domestic market and its banks. This is what US voraciously needs as well as all the imperialist powers in bankruptcy.
Trump’s protectionism: a real blackmail to break the customs of the imperialist powers competing in the semi-colonial world 
Trump, the least isolationist of the US pirates
Trump comes to settle what Obama could not resolve in thousands of negotiations with his Atlantic and Pacific treaties. Against the claims of the reformist left, Trump is the least isolationist of US imperialist gangs. Trump affirms without a favorable balance of forces, they cannot force Germany and the rest of imperialist Europe to open up their markets, let alone transform China into a major importer of transnational corporations. Furthermore, they could not get the broken Chinese state-owned companies and their banks.
Trump, with its protectionist policy, tries to implement Obama’s plan with a great blackmail: threatening to close American economy and that the US would flood the world with cheap products: The US blackmails the world not only as the largest debtor of the planet and possessor of all reserves, but also now, it does it to force the world pay the crisis, raising the protective club of the market for the rest of the world to open.
The establishment’s most cowed sectors wonder: “What if China sells US T-Bills, causing its price to fall?” Trump’s gang states: “We are indebted to China, not creditors. We work with their money. We are strong. We rule the world. We don’t do business with our money, but with theirs. And if they blackmail with the T-Bills, we won’t pay them. And if they want to isolate us, we have the dollar machine at home”. The gangs of Wall Street and their boldest sectors fully take the path to maintain their domination of the world.
Trump knows how to finish Obama’s work and this is why he is here. Therefore, Obama himself and the entire “establishment” have already stated that Trump “should have a chance”.
Trump comes to finish the counterrevolutionary plan of Obama to smash the world revolution focus
US had to leave Iraq because there was again the “Vietnam Syndrome”. What does this mean? The ruling imperialist power lost fire power to invade directly places in the world. Why? Because the American people no longer wanted to die for the businesses of the imperialist gangs.
With Bush, after 2001, the US launched new military adventures around the world. It took the oil routes at gunpoint. With the Chinese Mandarins, made China’s slave labour produce for its transnational companies. Huge financial and military industry was developed.
The result was the bursting of the Wall Street financial bubble. The US workers and people were starving and unemployed and the transnational corporations got super-profits.
The American people stopped following these adventures led by Bush. In 2008, mass movements against the war began to stand up. Immigrants have stood up in the struggle, and the whole working class of the United States has been ready to fight. The response of US imperialism was to disguise itself as Obama, a smug Bush who “offered his hand to the world” and awoke illusions that the working class could regain its conquests.
But Obama proved to be an empty-handed chaterbox democrat. He only deepened the attack on the American working class and gave small alms to millions of workers who had been left to their own fate due to the 2008 crash. It was a cynical policy of imperialism and its establishment.
The US pirates threw the crisis into the Europe of Maastricht, whose banks had been trapped in the Wall Street bubble. Those banks were saved by throwing the crisis to the European working class.
The Obama administration came essentially to soften the US crack and the revolutionary mass response that shook the planet in a desynchronized but widespread way, from Maghreb and Middle East to China, Europe and entered USA with great struggles.
Obama’s was the ruling government and regime of the counterrevolutionary pacts. The Castro brothers, the World Social Forum, Chavism and the entire reformist left parties called Obama as their “president” as “their man in Washington”. The symbol of this was that the Castro brothers said goodbye to Obama by selling out Cuba to US and spreading their flag in Havana.
Obama, without firepower and direct intervention action, used all the imperialist agents to contain the revolutionary processes.
As in Maghreb and Middle East, they first fabricated democratic illusions before the fall of governments and regimes and all the counterrevolutionary devices of control of imperialism in the region, a process that had already begun after USA’s withdrawal of its troops from Iraq in 2008. Obama, supported by the entire social-imperialist left parties, distracted the masses with the talk of “democracy”, while in the background he organized the worst counterrevolutionary coups as in Bahrain, Egypt, and especially Syria. US imperialism moved all its agents, including the “evil axis” as the Iranian ayatollahs, so that together with Russia, they could all slaughter the Syrian masses, where they concentrated all their forces to contain and smash the revolution throughout the region.
Obama, behind the scenes, controlled the Ukrainian revolutionary process with Putin while he stepped on Russia’s border in Ukraine. At the same time he encouraged the biggest deception on the European revolution: Morgan Bank’s government of Tsipras and Syriza in Greece, who just said goodbye to Obama who in his last tour visited Athens before he left the Oval Room.
Obama did not hesitate to make a pact with 11 countries in the Pacific to isolate China and warn it “USA is a power of the Pacific” that got there to stayed, while he reinforced all US military bases, including those in Okinawa, Japan.
Now, Trump comes after succeeding in recreating illusions in the American white working class (after being brutally attacked by the US imperialist monopolies under Obama’s administration) that if they support him in military adventures in the world, they will be better. This is the victory of the electoral trap of the Republicans, the Democrats and Trump in USA.
The US working class had broken away from Obama. It was starting to fight for a minimum wage of U$15 an hour, against war, defending immigrants. That is why the establishment promoted its “left” men, i.e. the “socialist” Sanders, supported by the entire left -servant of Wall Street- and Castro brothers, while they were claiming “socialism does not work anymore, even in Cuba”. This was a huge betrayal to the US working class.
The left, servant of Wall Street, cries about Trump’s victory. But Sanders was the one playing the role of containing the working class that was breaking away from Obama’s government and taking it back again to Clinton in the National Convention of the Democratic Party. The workers however did not expect anything from the imperialist Democrats. So, broad layers of the US white working class were prisoners of Trump’s demagogy.

This is the key to the victory of the US imperialist pirates in the last elections. Therefore, we insist, everyone, from Clinton to Obama, say to give Trump a chance. He has recovered fire power to once again raise the baton of US direct intervention in the focuses of world revolution.
With Obama, USA couldn’t directly intervene in Syria, where he supported Al Assad and Putin so they kill under his command. When Trump says “I want Muslims to be out of USA” he is really saying that USA will kill again the Muslim people with new direct military interventions if they do not surrender in Syria and the entire region.
When Trump says he is friends with Putin he means he comes to show crystal clear the true relationship Obama had with his hitman from Moscow that was previously hidden. Trump wants to use Putin for merciless killings, as he did in Syria, but in any other country in Eastern Europe or elsewhere, as long as USA (no France, no Germany) keeps for itself the business deal of selling high technology for the military industry of Russia.
In this new round of the world crisis which centre is China and BRICS, USA runs fully 
No imperialism loses its ruling hegemony and character in a peaceful way. USA, with Trump, is preparing to make to pay, even to the competing imperialist powers, the full burden of the crisis. The world market has shrunk. Not only the smaller powers are bankrupted like the ones in the south of Europe, but also the big imperialist powers.
The dispute for the Chinese and Russian market –whether through semi-colonizing or colonizing them directly- has stared.
Trump’s protectionism and his threats of direct military action announce not an isolation of US, but also that he is willing to break, even by force, the world’s customs barriers to stay with the entire world market.

So now the establishment has a new boss and is called Trump. This is how it intends to redefine the “Treaty of the Atlantic” and its policy in the Pacific. What Obama tried to do by negotiating fares with Germany or making deals with the countries of the Pacific was to surround China, Trump comes to do so in a single movement: “open Europe, Russia for Wall Street and China for the US transnational companies that we conquered In the ‘75.  Otherwise… we will launch trade war”.
The brutal attack on Mexico is that the US marks its “backyard” and its business on it. The semi-colonial native bourgeoisies places itself as they want them to be: on their knees. And these bourgeoisies have knelt, delivering the anti-imperialist struggle of the Latin American masses to Obama and Obama to Trump.

The last word has not been said yet
The Wall Street financial oligarchy and its shareholders have a new director and manager of their business around the world. The working class, yesterday with the World Social Forum and today with the left currents servant of Obama, who disguised the US establishment as “democratic”, is preparing to fight against Trump in the worst conditions.
The most advanced of the world revolution is slaughtered and besieged, as Syria and Donbass (Ukraine). The most militant of the European working class is submitted to governments and class collaboration parties as Syriza in Greece and the Podemos in the Spanish State.
The British working class, led by the Trade Union and treacherous “socialists” like the SWP, has been tied to the fate of its own imperialist bourgeoisie, who anticipated this US imperialist policy by taking its hands from Europe with “Brexit” and being free to go to the Pacific and Atlantic with or without USA.
The tragedy of the European working class is that they are submitted to their own imperialist bourgeoisies, which attacks them ruthlessly as the Fifth French Republic does with the French workers, and as Germany is preparing to do so, when every day a new German bank is going bankruptcy. The German working class must look at itself in the mirror of the Greek working class... As the American workers -due to the treacherous leadership of the world proletariat- must look at themselves in the mirror of the Chinese workers.
The most serious crisis for humanity is not that Trump took office. The biggest crisis in civilization is the over-accumulation of treacherous leaderships that prevent the world working class from centralizing its forces, breaking ties with its enemies of the “democratic” imperialist bandits. Without doing that it is impossible to fight against or defeat neither Trump nor none of the imperialist policies in the world.
The crisis of the working class is their leadership paid by the capital which subordinates them to the different capitalist gangs in the planet.
The crisis of the working class is that there are too many Cain and traitors like the Castro brothers who proclaim throughout the world that “socialism does not work anymore, not even in Cuba”. The white North American workers believe what Castro said and they are tied to the capitalist politicians as Sanders and Trump. This is the tragedy, a bankrupt capitalist system and left currents that sell out and that tell the exploited of the world that the maximum they can fight for is for Obama to return and “expand democracy”.
That is the crisis of human civilization and the working class, the over-abundance of leaderships that refuse to argue that the question and the alternative are clear: socialism or war. Capitalism will have only one solution to its structural crisis: wars and fascism... unless the proletariat provides a solution fighting again for the socialist revolution.
The alternative of the moment: USA for imperialist pirates disguised as Trump looting and warring in the world, or the socialist USA, as a stronghold of world revolution. Even if the reformists do not like it (educated for betraying revolutions)... SOCIALIST UNITED STATES!

Carlos Munzer
Author of the book “Syria under fire”


The social imperialist left currents, friends of Obama, must answer for Sanders

Sanders had 24 million votes in the US primaries... 24 million votes from the rebel youth and workers. Those were votes against the establishment; for $15 an hour; against the war; for the immigrants; against Obama and his slaughter against the black youth.
What did the “socialist” scammer do? He went to the Democratic convention and gave the votes to Clinton.

Those friends of Sanders… please do not hide! Show up!! This policy was to split and leave the US working class and Trump was born on the right side.
Four years ago, all the Stalinists and Bolivarian politicians called to vote for Obama “against the fascist Romney”... What happened next? Obama unleashed the war against the black youth and led the slaughter against the Syrian masses.
Let the curtain rise! Your faces, leftists, are seen. You were when Trump was born, selling out the struggle for socialism and revolution; selling out the fight for socialism and revolution. It’s simple: socialist USA!

You, “leftists”, want the punished US workers believe that the only chance is to submit themselves to the “democratic” executioner. Clinton and Trump both are from the same sewer of Wall Street bankers’ regime.

TTrump comes to clear that Putin is a hitman of USA
making the dirty job for all the imperialist powers

Where is the war between USA and Russia
that the reformist left currents claim to?

A brutal slaughter is developed over the Syrian masses. The bombings of Al Assad and Putin continue against the rebel Aleppo. In the last days, these bombings have been multiplied by thousands, not only on the siege neighborhoods of that city, but also on the rebel zones in the province of Aleppo and Idlib. Thousands die every day. They are workers, poor peasants, women, children... no big businessman or bourgeois millionaire is dying. They have already gone to seek shelter away from the bombing.

Such a slaughter the reformist left has called it “war between Russia and the US”, which would be escalating towards the “third world war”. For the left currents, there are no starved, besieged and slaughtered masses in Aleppo, there would only be U.S. land troops and “jihadists” backed by both US and Turkey who would be facing Bashar and Putin.
But US, Turkey, Russia and Al Assad all have troops and aviation in Syrian territory. They never fight against each other. Moreover, they share coordinates of their attacks and operations to be coordinated. What war between US and Russia are these reformist left currents talking about?

Even more, now in USA Trump has won the elections. He has openly stated that he comes to work together with Putin “against extremism in Syria”. Putin greeted and celebrated Trump’s triumph. Where was the so-called “war between the USA and Russia” that the left currents preached? Is Trump the peace messenger? Or is USA with Trump gave up Russia?

The truth is that there was no war between USA and Russia. In Syria there is a ruthless, counterrevolutionary slaughter to smash the rebel masses there in 2011 as part of the same revolution throughout Maghreb and Middle East in a chain of uprisings that broke the control of the bourgeois state in more than 60% of Syrian territory. Obama disguised as a friend, but in the backroom he commanded and let Assad and Putin slaughter the people. They were doing the dirty work. But the defeat of the Syrian revolution could never be imposed.
Trump comes to finish the work of Obama. They have to smash the Syrian revolution and the entire Maghreb and Middle East. Even it is not out of the chances that USA has a more direct intervention, taking advantage of the fact that it has gained social base and will try this social base to support new adventures.
The friendship of Trump with Putin is because the first one wants to put the latter like its direct agent... Trump comes to show clearly the relationship with his hetman which Obama had already had it, through him to win the war smashing the masses, putting USA to his direct men in the government, removing to Assad or leaving it under his direct control, and in any case to leave Russia the military base that has like payment by its services of being executioner of the masses.

The US general staff has not defined how it will impose itself in Syria. But it is clear that it is coming to this and that it is ready to guarantee that the Geneva conferences, which have been organized since 2013 to massacre the Syrian masses, this time end up being overtly imposed with the US club directly.
The world reformist left currents, with its lies and slanders that in Syria there was no revolution but a so-called war between USA and Russia, isolated the masses to allow such genocide. They were and are accomplices. There will not be forgetting or forgiveness!

Leandro Hofstadter