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Letter to the Trotskyists of Russia

April 4, 2019

Hello comrades. How are you?

We want to tell you that we have published a compilation of our main elaborations of the last months, which we published in different special editions of our newspaper "The International Worker Organizer" and also in the last issue of "The Truth of the Oppressed" that we are sending you attached.

In these materials we address the international situation, the battles of the French working class and the movement of the Yellow Vests; the imperialist offensive in Latin America as we can see in Brazil with the government of Bolsonaro or with the siege to Venezuela; the farce of the " Bolivarian Revolution "; the situation in Syria and the Middle East, among other subjects.
We have published two issues dedicated to Southern Africa. One of them on Zimbabwe giving account of the combats against the military dictatorship in this country and we also included our polemics against the "New Left" policies there.
We have also published another special issue dedicated to South Africa, where we have compiled all the articles and contributions we have written about the new "Socialist Revolutionary Workers' Party" (SRWP), which emerges as component of a process of huge swaths of the South African working class breaking up  with the CNA of Mandela and the bureaucracy of COSATU (the trade union center led by the PC of this country, which is in the government with the ANC).
Fractions of Stalinism are trying to enter that party to control this process of workers who have broken with the opprobrious popular front of the ANC that has allowed imperialism to continue looting Africa and super exploiting the workers, yesterday with the Apartheid of the white fascists and now with a millionaire black bourgeoisie. Stalinism is fully committed to the task of preventing this process of explosion of the ANC from deriving in a process of self-organization and the setting up of workers’ and soldiers' councils that resume the revolutionary struggle of the black working class.
Undoubtedly, this sinister policy of Stalinism is disguised by renegades of Trotskyism. To manipulate these socialist workers who turn left, South African Stalinism has painted itself as "Castroite" and claims Cuba, at a time when the old Stalinist bureaucracy of the island has already handed it over to imperialism. The black workers of South Africa, like the workers of Harlem and all of the United States, have historically been genuinely sympathetic with the Cuban revolution. Their memories of Che Guevara fighting in the Congo move the new generations of the black proletariat. This is used by Stalinism to maintain control of a workers' movement that has escaped from their hands.
We are fighting for the metalworkers union that has set up this party not to have its struggle dissolved at the hands of old and new traitors to the working class. Here too, Trotskyists and Stalinists see one another in opposition, fighting in different and confronting trenches. It is necessary to accompany this rich experience of ample fringes of workers who are turning from right to left as they break with Stalinism, to help prevent them from being taken back to the same place from which they come. It is a decisive battle to unmask the "Bolivarian Revolution", a scam of a revolution that expropriated the anti-imperialist struggle of the Latin American working class, this is the task of the moment. It is necessary to show that Chavistas and Maduro, who have Venezuela surrounded and blocked by imperialism, have not touched a single property of the bankers or the Wall Street pirates. It is also crucial to expose that Maduro and the Castroites are the biggest foes for Venezuela turning into a "new Cuba" and that they have recently signed a pact with Obama and the Democratic Party, the directors of the AngloAmerican who kill the South African workers, as it happened in Marikana; it is a great combat we have to wage and are already waging.
By means of traps like the elections of May 8 in South Africa, the bourgeoisie is trying to deviate the workers of Southern Africa from their tendency towards the revolutionary struggle; these workers have revolted staging general strikes and fighting in the streets as has happened recently in Zimbabwe and some time before also in South Africa, where the Zuma government fell by the revolutionary push of the working class.

We also wanted to tell you that we have opened a Facebook account of "The International Worker Organizer", where we will publish all the materials in English of our current, because we are intervening in that language in Japan, in Syria, in Greece, in the Spanish State, in the US, in Africa, etc. We will also issue a monthly digital edition of "The International Worker Organizer" in English, since most of the work of the FLTI today is developed outside of Latin America. The name of the Facebook account is: "International Workers' Organizer".

A big hug for you

Julian Juarez
By the Editorial Board of the “International Workers’ Organizer”