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January 14th, 2019


As the Yellow Vests in France…

The workers and the poor took to the streets imposing a 3-day general strike against the rise in the prices of fuel, the increase in the costs of living and the plans of starvation and misery of the military dictatorship of Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF, under the IMF’s commands.
The government responded with a brutal repression, imprisoning and persecuting house by house the workers fighters and leaders.

Out with the military dictatorship!
Revolutionary general strike until Mnangagwa falls!

Zimbabwe: from all major cities and towns on Monday engaged in a collective mass protest against the increased fuel price, collapsing economy and high cost of living.
In Harare protestors flooded the streets calling for the economy to be fixed.
In Bulawayo all roads leading to the Central Business District were closed with commuter Omnibuses parked. Any car that carried people was stopped by protestors and drivers beaten. School children were turned on their way to school and told to go back home.
The masses demand: “No to fuel price hikes!” “No to exploitive taxes!” “No to corruption!” and “Unity in the struggle!”.
We call for a general strike until Mnangagwa falls, to set up self-defence committees, for the rank and file soldiers to set up their committees and disobey the generals and not to repress the people. We call for a congress of all workers organizations now.
For a provisional revolutionary government of workers and poor peasants, based on the struggling masses!

Workers International League (WIL) of Zimbabwe