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International Workers Organiser (2008) #1 Speaker of the Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (FLT)
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African Workers Organiser #1 (Jannuary 2010) (PDF)

African Workers Organiser #2 (February/April 2010) (PDF)

International Workers Organiser 2 - Special Edition on Greece (html)


Some Articles:

Statement on Bolivia: The revolutionary internationalist workers stands together with the heroic salaried mine workers of Huanuni
Bolivia: International Supplement of the Internationalist Trotskyists of Bolivia and Argentina Jointly Issued by Octubre Rojo Internacionalista (Bolivia) – Liga Obrera Internacionalista-CI (Argentina) Members of the Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (LFT)
Letter to the 46th Anti-War Assembly
Statement on Peru July 2008 on Moquegua uprisings
International Appeal for an Internationalist Workers Block (23 points)
Presentation of IWO #1
International campaign For the immediate reintegration of Orlando Chirino
Statement on Bolivia May 2008: on the situation on the referendum to recall the governors

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