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Traducción final y corrección: Viernes 01 de Agosto de 2008

Publicación DO Edición Especial del 1ro de Julio de 2008





In the middle of the  Latin American situation, where the national burgeoisies have drowned the Argentinean and Ecuadorian revolutions, where the national bourgeoisies have expropriated the Bolivian revolution and the anti imperialist struggle of the Venezuelan masses, where the national burgeoisies are making the Colombian resistance surrender to Uribe and the US, where the national burgeoisies have put regimes which are servants of the transnationals, and while the Castroite bureaucracy prepares itself to restore the capitalism in Cuba, today both Peruvian and Chilean proletariats are fighting against the FTA regimes.


If we defeat the Peruvian Fujimorist regime and the “Concertación” regime in Chile, we’ll give a huge encouragement to the working class of the whole continent, to confront the bosses, the imperialists, and the traitorous leaderships -with the Cuban bureaucracy at their head- that imposed class conciliation and the defeats.


Today the working class needs to rise again, recovering its revolutionary struggle against imperialism that loots our nations together with their junior partners, the Latin American bourgeoisies; for that it has to defeat most of all, the “left wing” in Castro’s, Morales’s and Chavez’s World social Forum. This “left wing” of the WSF now is running to build a new obstacle in the path of the masses: the “Latin American and Caribbean” workers gathering (ELAC), organized by the Morenoite LIT, the Bolivian COB bureaucracy and the C-CURA current (leading the UNT) from Venezuela. The LIT, which is leading Brazilian CONLUTAS, holds, with its left shoulder, Lula’s government. COB bureaucracy, a servant of Morales’, collaborates with his plan of strangling the revolution by helping him to make a pact with the fascists against the masses. The Venezuelan C-CURA supports Chavez, putting the worker’s vanguard to the feet of the “Bolivarian” bosses.


Total breaking with the “Bolivarian” bosses

National march to Lima (Peruvian capital) to impose the

General Strike that knocks down the murderous government of Garcia

and the whole Fujimorist regime of the FTA

Impose a provisional revolutionary government of the workers, peasants and exploited peoples’ organizations!


The insurrection of the workers and peasants of Moquegua is the first step of the Peruvian proletariat towards the revolution, and we are very close to start it. The exploited masses of most of every department imposed the beginning of regional strikes on July 7th and 8th, preparing their muscles to transform the national strike of July 9th into a general strike. Go ahead! We must keep hitting until we knock down the damned Fujimorist regime of the FTA!

Beyond the regional motives that started the rebellion, it’s clear that the masses have imposed their own independent action by using their own fighting means: roadblocks with “piquetes”. They welded a steel bar in the access bridge to the city to stop the tanks, the trucks and the repression forces from entering. For hours they bearded bullets and gasses from the murderous police, and when the police ammunition began to run short, the charge of the exploited ones was accurate. With over 20,000 people in this revolt, burning the police station and everything in their way, the exploited rage imposed a military defeat to the repression forces that were trying to be preserved by a chopper that overflew the fighting area and bombed the rebels. The army forces of the Fujimorist regime, powerfully equipped, couldn’t do anything. The general who commanded the repression was put under the control of the piquetes of workers and peasants together with over 35 cops. They asked for “apologies for the repression”. The police surrendered to the exploited peoples’ barricades. The Peruvian proletariat was highly moved when it saw its class brothers to impose the power of the piquetes, the barricades and the assemblies in the whole region.

Thus, the workers, peasants and the exploited people, by making an alliance in the action, in the piquetes which were blocking the Panamerican Highway and Llo port, they could defeat the offensive of the murderous DINOES (the anti-revolt police), and they could also retain tens of murderous cops, among them General Jordan, and expel the police troops from the city of Moquegua. Meanwhile, the bourgeoisie had to swallow its rage of not being able to enter with the army, because it knew that this could provoke the general strike, in a way so fast and so strong that its servants of the bureaucracy of the unions wouldn’t be able to stop it. This is why they applied the old manoeuvre of negotiating and so could stop, for the moment, the insurrection.

To keep some decorum, they sent the bosses of the Defence Front to manoeuvre behind the masses to release the general and his cops. The entire city was in the hands of the piquetes, that had made a rebellion against the decision of the authorities of suspending the departmental strike. But thanks to the leadership of the Defence Front –subordinated to the “progresist” bosses; this means, to the Fujimorist regime, to the leadership of the CGTP, to the CUT, to the CCP and to the CONPACCP- that kept Moquegua isolated, the power there went back to the hands of the bourgeoisie.

The insurrection in Moquegua marked the end of the pacific relationship between the classes and the beginning of the violent encounter between them, this means the civil war.

Now, the bourgeoisie seeks revenge for the defeat that it suffered in Moquegua, and is now preparing its answer: the settling of an US military mission in Ayacucho, the reunion of the “peasants rounds” (vigilante corps) paramilitaries in Santipo, the call to the army to slaughter every cocalero (coca grower), the clear threat to the boss of the military region of VRAE (“… The fight against the cocaleros will cost the lives of civilians and militaries, but it will be necessary…”, La Primera, June 25, 2008). This way, the Peruvian bourgeoisie prepares itself for the armed encountering.


The farce of class conciliation, which has been used by the reformists of every kind –from Mario Huaman to Hugo Blanco- to poison the class conscience of the Peruvian proletarians, has blown up in the air. The same happened to the farce of the “progressive” bourgeoisie and the “patriot” officers; we have seen the “Bolivarian” bourgeoisie, with Ordoñez, Tapia, Mekler and Abugattas cry, asking for the repression of the “Moqueguazo” (i.e. Moquegua’s¡ coup), and in pain because of the “loss of authority”. We have also heard Humala (from the military) ask for the interior minister to resign for his “failure in Moquegua”. The hypocrisy of these people has reached too far. While they are in the Social and Political Coordination (CPS) leading the national strike, they processed the leaders of the “Moqueguazo”, like Hugo Ordoñez just did –Hugo Ordoñez is the regional president of Tacna, he’s a “Bolivarian” boss and he’s the brother of Juvenal Ordoñez, the spokesman of the Humanist Party bench of representatives in Peruvian Parliament- There is no “progressive” bourgeoisie! There are no “patriot” officers in the army! All the bosses took one side: the side of the “order” of the delivering regime. All the reformist left also took this side as well.


The PC-PR-PS who leads the CGTP refuses to split from the “Bolivarian” bosses and they keep it in the leadership of the national strike through the unified party of the PC-PR-PS with the “Bolivarian” bosses, which is the CPS, and they keep saying that in 2011 the Nationalist Party will rule. Even Mario Huaman gave his solidarity to the general Jordan because of his destitution, thus supporting someone who wanted to slaughter workers and peasants in Moquegua. CPS is the unified party of those who are not against the FTA, they are not against the privatizations, they just want them to be “fair” and “well negotiated”, that is to say, that the bosses get a higher participation in the looting of our wealth. This is why they are not against the military agreements with the imperialist powers. They have recognized this in a conference about “military cooperation” on June 24th. This is exactly what all the Bolivarian governments of the continent (Lula, Kirchner, Chavez) are doing. And that’s the part that the Cuban bureaucracy wants to play if capitalism is fully restored in the island, and it becomes from bureaucracy into bourgeoisie.


The CPS alone, believing that it’s the owner of the popular protest, decided just to ask for “a model change”. On contraire, all the fighters, those who risk their lives against the police officers –that police whom the reformist left defends- fight for ending with the Fujimorist regime and, as they showed in Moquegua, for the Peruvian revolution.

There are two clearly established barricades: On one side the bosses and imperialism that seek to save the Fujimorist regime, and on the other side the workers, peasants and exploited fighters, which want to knock down the regime. The bureaucracy of the unions and the reformist left have decided to be in the other (the former) barricade, by avoiding at all cost the fall of the hated Fujimorist regime, as they have been doing during all these years.


As good “Bolivarians”, those in the CPS of Humala (from the military), of the bureaucrats of the unions, of the Stalinist and former Trotskyist reformist left, far away of preparing the combat of the Peruvian proletariat, they try to impose its surrendering. That is the same as they are doing with the Colombian resistance and with the Bolivian workers and peasants, and they are trying to do with the anti imperialist Cuban masses by backing and covering the ongoing process of capitalist restoration by the hand of both Castros.

The plan to suffocate the general strike is as follows: to abort the strike in Lima-Callao, where the bureaucracy of the unions is imposing disorganization with their bureaucratic manoeuvres, creating ghost “struggle committees” by zones which are completely bureaucratized, just to “organize” demonstrations by neighbourhood (as opposed to a centralized one) and a meeting in the afternoon in the May 2nd Square (in front of the CGTP, as opposed to one in front of the Presidential Palace), so that they can suspend it if they have to. In this way they try to save the capital city, the main point of the regime, from the contagious rebellion that might explode in the next days in the departments. Thus they separate the most concentrated battalion of the Peruvian proletariat from their class brothers. In addition to this, the leadership of the mine workers’ federation –the Communist Party of Huaman- is manoeuvring to postpone the mineworkers strike that has to begin on June 30th. This is how the “Bolivarian” CPS prepares the surrendering: by refusing to take ahead the general strike to defeat the Fujimorist regime, disorganizing everything, admonishing the piquetes in order to hand them out to the government, saying that if they defend themselves, they will be provocateurs from the government. The murders that the genocide and corrupt officers may commit have in the CPS their accomplices, as de CPS prefers to hold the “honour” of the murderer Jordan better than organizing the worker’s self defence against the army and against the genocidist police.


Let the rage of the masses be unleashed! This is not the “chaos”, this is the order that the masses can impose in this country, to recover Peruvian people’s wealth and to put them to Peruvian people’s service! With the beginning of the Peruvian revolution, if the workers and the Chilean youth move forward in their struggle against the FTA regime, we Peruvians could help the Bolivian working class to recover its revolution. We could put in the centre of the scene the working class of the whole continent to be empowered to fight for its own interests and against the attacks launched by imperialism!


The only way in which the workers can fight against the revenge that the bosses and imperialist’s regime is preparing is to unleash all the rebellion of the workers, peasants and the exploited people. As Moquegua showed, in order to fight for our dearest demands, the unity of the workers with the poor peasants and all the exploited people is needed. This unity mustn’t be extended to the bosses or to their representatives, such as the local authorities. The breakthrough with Humalism, the regional presidents and all the boss’s representatives is needed. All the front and zone coordinating bodies must became popular assemblies of delegates of workers, poor peasants, combative students and exploited in struggle, splitting from the bosses and their organizations, in order to build the general strike, imposing the unity of the workers. Against the manoeuvre of separating the workers of Lima-Callao from the other regions, the rank and file of the regions must make a huge demonstration to the capital city. That’s the way to win over the workers from Lima-Callo and make them go to strike and move forward to the general strike to knock down the Fujimorist regime of the FTA, expel the transnationals and begin the Peruvian revolution. But the Peruvian revolution can only win as a socialist revolution, with a peasants and workers government based on the organizations of direct democracy and self defence, over the ruins of the bourgeois regime.


All is in the hands of the rank and file now. Let’s paralize Lima-Callao for a whole day, and if it’s not possible, we can’t allow the bureaucratic leadership of the CGTP to suffocate the protest in the common meeting with the bosses which are enemies to our fight. Let’s make the meeting of the afternoon the first meeting of the popular assembly of Lima-Callao, by electing one delegate per each 100 fighters, uniting all the piquetes in one only workers and popular self defence committee. Let’s March to the Government Palace to prove the regime our hate against it and that we want to make Lima the new Moquegua!


It is necessary for us to build up our own organization that centralizes and leads our struggle, as a national popular assembly of workers, poor peasant, exploited people who are fighting and combative students with rnk and file delegates, 1 every 100 fighters, to extend and centralize the piquetes into a single struggle committee; only thus we’ll be able to impose in the streets the revolutionary workers and peasant’s alliance to conquer decent wages, salaries and jobs, defend the peasants’ plots and conquer for them land, technology and cheap credit; housing, health services and education for all the exploited people; end with the witch-hunt against every fighter. All of this will be possible only throughout the revolutionary fight against the Fujimorist regime of the FTA.

What is posed now is to prepare and organize an independent intervention of the masses that destroys completely the damned bourgeois regime, initiating the Peruvian revolution. This revolution can only win by imposing a workers and peasant’s government based on the self organization and the armament of the masses, the only government that can break up with imperialism and make the agrarian revolution. For this perspective we must defeat the current leadership of the CGTP and impose a revolutionary leadership in the unions and in the struggle organizations of the exploited ones.


The workers will be able to rise as the leaders of the oppressed nation and establish an alliance with the exploited in the country and in the city, only if we launch a program that contemplates, as a strategic point, the fight for: No alliance with the native bourgeoisies with the bankrupt excuse of “making the 21st century socialism”! That is to say, no indirect submission to the imperialist bands.

Let’s conquer jobs and decent wages. For the stability in everyone’s job with a minimum wage of 3,000 soles (aca poner el equivalente en dólares), pegged to the increase in the cost of living. Jobs for all: reduction of the work hours by factory or shop shift, with no reduction of wages, so there can be more shifts and more jobs. Against the misery in the countryside, where the poor peasants are exploited and expropriated by the commercial bourgeoisie –who claim to be “progressive”, like the bosses of CONVEAGRO-, by the new land owners of the export-crops farms, and by imperialism through the banks and the mining companies: We have to expropriate all those exploiters, blood suckers of the poor peasants, with no compensations and to nationalize land property to give to the exploited rural masses land, cheap credit and technology!

The way to fight against the Fujimorist regime, against the pro-US bosses and against the despicable “Bolivarian” bourgeoisie is by expropriating (Mining and gas companies) Southern, Camisea, Yanacocha and all the mines and the fields that are in the hands of the transnationals without compensation and under worker’s control. We have to expropriate (Spanish oil giant) Repsol (Chavez’ godmother), the US-UK imperialists of Hunt Oil, Barrick and Newmont, German Odebrecht, French of Total (hidden owner of Petrobras) without payment and under worker’s control, and together with them, we must also expropriate the native “Bolivarian” bourgeoisies which have common business with the imperialists, like Argentinean Rocca, owner of PlusPetrol. We have to expropriate the miserable mining and farming-export Peruvian oligarchy, such as the Benavides, Romero, Chlimper and the despicable “Bolivarian” and “progressive” Peruvian bourgeoisie that lives on the spoils of our wealth by the money they receive for this looting, and that also sucks the blood of the poor peasant, like the agrarian commercial bourgeoisie, grouped in CONVEAGRO, etc. No alliance with the native bourgeoisie, nor with any imperialist sector! Let’s defeat the US “club” and also the “New Deal” block! Let’s write in our flags the fight for helping every Bolivian worker break up with Morales and his “Bolivarian” constitution that delivers the wealth of the Bolivian nation to the transnationals. Let’s write in our flags the fight for helping every Bolivian worker to fight against Morales’s plan of sealing a pact with the fascist bourgeoisie through the recall referendum, so those workers can recover their revolution. Seeing the advanced capitalist restoration process in Cuba, let’s call the workers, poor peasants and red soldiers of Cuba to make the political revolution against the Castroite bureaucracy, imposing their own government and defeating the bureaucracy to launch again the scream of 1962: Either a Socialist revolution or the caricature of a revolution! And For the socialist Latin-American revolution!

Peruvian workers and their vanguard have a huge responsibility in the south of the continent; because they are the strength that the Latin-American exploited need to go back to the path of the anti-imperialist combat, which was expropriated by the farcical “Bolivarian revolution”, the enemy of the socialist revolution. Long live the insurrection of Moquegua! Long live the fight of workers and the exploited people of Peru! Let’s bring down the Fujimorist regime and let’s begin with the Peruvian revolution!


We need an internationalist worker party


The entire reformist left, from the PC-PR-PS and the “Guevaristas” of water guns and Huaynalaya , to the renegades of Trotskyism are subordinated to the “Bolivarian” bosses. No “radical” group that talk about the revolution in the commemoratives acts wants the breaking of the worker’s organizations from the “Bolivarian” bosses. With this, they show that they are in the bossess’ side, and not on the side of the rebellious masses.

The working class needs a revolutionary party that defeats the Stalinists and former Trotskyist reformists and takes the leadership. But it can’t be a national party, because it is fighting against a (truly international) party that is centralized with the Cuban bureaucracy and the “Bolivarian” bourgeoisie. That’s why we call to the revolutionary fighters -enemies of the US and French imperialists, enemies of the “Bolivarian” bourgeoisie and enemies of the reformist left servants or the “Bolivarian” bourgeoisie to unite with us. We propose the Internationalist Trotskyist League-FLT as a tool to build up the revolutionary party that the Peruvian working class needs. All of us existing groups, tendencies and revolutionary fractions, over a solid base of principles and programme must seek together a revolutionary path to build up that party. We don’t believe in national fusions. In this imperialist time the re-groupings based on national programmes have no reason to exist. As Trotsky said, they must be based on an international programme and an international strategy, to fight for building up a revolutionary world leadership, an international centre, a revolutionary workers’ “General Staff” that is at the level of the counter revolutionary General Staff, and that can defeat them. To fight for this, we call for building an Internationalist Revolutionary Bloc, that through its principles and its programmatic points clearly proves who is a revolutionary and who isn’t. Watching the convulsions of this decaying system, the looting wars, the civil wars and the partition of territories, the revolutions and the counter revolutions, and a possible inter imperialist war, the duty of the internationalist Trotskyists is to fight for an international grouping of the revolutionaries and the principled Trotskyist, based on the principles, the programme, and the strategy that Lenin and Trotsky have legated to us, in order to prepare the conditions to create an International Centre. Only in this struggle we can conquer the revolutionary party that the Peruvian working class needs to win. Therefore, we call the revolutionary fighters of the working class and the youth to discuss with us, the FLT in Peru, to seek together with us a revolutionary path, to call together to a Conference of the Trotskyist and the internationalist revolutionary workers.



June 28th 2008.-

Roque Sánchez

Internacionalist Trotskyist League (LTI) of Peru,

Member of the FLT

The head of the Confederación General del Trabajo de Perú (Peruvian Central Union, dominated by the Maoists and other Stalinists).

 One Humala –Ollanta-is a “nationalist” former presidential candidate and head of a populist bourgeois party. He also has a loud speaking “patriot” brother in the military.

PC-PR-PS: A coalition of the Communist Party, the Revolutionary Party and the Socialist Party.

The Party of Humala

The local authorities

El Callao is Lima’s port; that is, the Metropolitan Area.

That is, of great words and poor deeds.

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