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Out with the counterrevolutionary shock troops of the cooperativistas bosses, sent by the government of Evo Morales, his Minister Villarroel and the transnational companies, to divide and to massacre the working class! Out with the army and the police who are accomplices in the massacre of workers and peasants!

While the miners of Huanuni, fought heroically with their blockade, pickets and road blocks, for the nationalisation of all mining under workers control, for 1500 new jobs for the unemployed miners and landless peasants, Morales and his minister Villarroel organized the shock troops of the cooperativistas to kill the militant workers, just as Goni did in 2003, and to strengthen the fascist bands of Santa Cruz among the landless peasants.

The counterrevolutionary thugs of the industralist Villarroel, throw dynamite sticks into the homes of miners and their families and have tried to retake the state mine at Huanuni. The miners have defended the mine that they now control with their lives figthting hand to hand. Already there are tens of dead and wounded on both sides. The Miners Radio has been blown up, as have the tin processing machines in the mine.

While he negotiates pacts for the plunder of Bolivia with the transnational companies and the fascist bourgeoisie of Santa Cruz in the Constituent Assembly, Evo Morales class collaborationist regime now massacres the workers and peasants who fight for their program of October 2003 “ Gringos Get Out! Nationalization now! Dignified work and wages for all!” Down the pact between Morales’ government and the fascist bourgeoisie of the Media Luna to steal the fraudulent Constituent Assembly from the workers and poor peasants and calmly kill most combative of the Bolivian working class!

FOR THE IMMEDIATE NATIONALIZATION OF MUTÚN, OF ALL BOLIVIAN MINES AND HYDROCARBONS, WITHOUT COMPENSATION AND UNDER WORKERS CONTROL TO CREATE DECENT WORK AND LIVING WAGES FOR ALL THE UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE OF BOLIVIA! The workers who are employed by the cooperativistas bosses exploited like slaves for 14 or 16 hour days, must unite with their class brothers and sisters of Huanuni to recover their jobs, their lost labour rights and put the COMIBOL into the hands of the Bolivian workers.

Enough of union leaders who collaborate with the regime to kill the workers of the COB, the COR and the peasant movement! Enough of the hollow phrases of solidarity that conceal the isolation that the treacherous union leaders have imposed on the heroic miners. The workers and peasant rank and file must join the fight alongside their comrades of Huanuni. But the leaders of the COB and the COD that support the class collaborationist bourgeois government of Morales hold back and weaken the organisation of the militant masses.

Empower once again the Headquarters of the Bolivian Revolution in Huanuni! ELECT DELEGATES NOW OF ALL THE WORKERS AND PEASANTS ORGANIZATIONS IN STRUGGLE TO LEAD A NATIONAL FIGHT TO ENSURE THAT THE HEROIC DEFENCE OF THE MINERS IS VICTORIOUS The demands of the heroic miners are those of all workers and poor peasants. Their victory will be a victory for all exploited people. The insurrection of El Alto rise up again and descend on La Paz to fight alongside its class brothers and sisters in the mines. With blockades, pickets and road blocks the miners can win in Huanuni. LET US MAKE A NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE NOW Against the counter-revolutionary shock troops of Morales government and the employer's association, the junior partners of the transnational companies. Against the fascist bands armed by the Santa Cruz that attack the poor peasants in broad daylight. Get the army and police out of the workers’ fight! They killed workers and farmers under the orders of Goni in the October days, and before that had entered the mines to kill under the orders of Banzer. The army and the police are prepared to enter once the the 1500 cooperativistas armed by Villarroel have defeated the miners and taken the mine. Organize and to build self-defence organs like those of the miners of Huanuni in the whole labor movement and peasants movement. Build workers and peasants militias to smash the counter-revolutionary gangs of Villarroel, the enslaving employer's association and the government of Morales, and the fascist bands of the Santa Cruz bourgeoisie in bed with Morales and the treacherous union leaders. The international working class, and that of Latin America in particular, that fights back against the pro-imperialist bosses, the partners of the transnational companies in MERCOSUR; that in the Oaxaca commune heroically resists the election fraud and the Mexican FTA; that in Chile confronts the repression of the Bachelet government, the FTA and the pinochetista civic-military regime; the workers and the youth who fight against war in the United States; the oppressed in the Middle East who resist the forces of the Zionist-fascist state of Israel and fight in the trenches of Iraqian resistance; all internationalist workers must unite together to surround the heroic Bolivian workers and peasants so that their fight can win and become an enormous position of strength for the working class struggle at the world level. Enough of the fraud and deceit of the Bolivariana Revolution! , of the pro-imperialist bourgeoisies, partners of the transnational companies in the sacking and the plundering of our countries, supported by the union bureaucracies and the treacherous leaders of the proletariat in the World Social Forum. In order to finish with the sacking, the plundering and the super-exploitastion the heroic Bolivian workers must win and make a revolution that can solve all the needs of the exploited masses. FOR A WORKERS AND POOR PEASANTS’ REVOLUTION THE LIBERATION OF WORKERS IS THE TASK OF WORKERS

Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (FLT) Internationalist Red October (ORI) of Bolivia – Internationalist Workers’s Party (POI-CI) of Chile – Internationalist Workers League (LOI-CI) - Workers Democracy of Argentina – Communist Workers Group (CWG) of New Zealand – Trotskyist Fraction (FT) of Brazil – International Trotskyist League (LTI) of Peru