April 24, 2016

More than 400 migrant workers have died recently in the Mediterranean in their attempt to reach Europe looking for a dignified life 

Imperialist Maastricht is responsible for these murders against the working class coming from sub-Saharan Africa, Maghreb and Middle East!

From the squares taken by the youth in France and the immigrants, let’s coordinate a unified struggle of all European and world workers against these EU imperialist butchers!

More than 400 immigrant workers who departed from Libya and Egypt have died drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Lampedusa Island, in the South of Italy, and have access to the European continent to be able to work and have a dignified life; they were Somali, Ethiopian, Sudanese, Egyptian and Eritrean men, women and children. Only 41 immigrants were rescued at sea Monday April 18 by workers from a freighter that took them to the Greek port of Kalamata, in the South of Greece. In addition, this weekend 108 other immigrants and six corpses were also rescued from another half sunk boat near Italian waters. These immigrants came from Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Sudan and Libya. And as if these deaths were too few, Friday April 15, a Syrian 3-year-old girl was found drowned by Turkish fishermen within their networks in the Aegean Sea.

The Italian Government and EU put the blame on the gangs that carry the migrants and refugees from Africa in overloaded boats.  They are a bunch of cynical rascals! The imperialist states are responsible for the murders of the working class in sub-Saharan Africa, Maghreb and Middle East! They are letting them die in the sea! That is the most patrolled area of the planet, which has a presence of NATO, Frontex, the navies of the war of the imperialist powers, the coastal guards.

It's slave trade in the 21st century by imperialist states in complicity with national governments as they used to do with Khadafi in Libya! 
Syrian workers are massacred in their country, and when they seek a better life in Europe they die in the Mediterranean, or are locked up in concentration camps for deportation. 

Immigrant workers and refugees are fleeing their Nations with an economy in ruins or escaping a massacre as in Syria –dire circumstances that are result of the plundering of their wealth by the imperialist powers. There they cannot even feed themselves or live safely. They head to Europe in order to work and feed their families. When they go out in search of a better life, when they are spared a death in the Mediterranean Sea, once on European soil they are imprisoned in concentration camps behind barbed wires and deported back to their country, as for example, to Syria where the massacre continues. But when the imperialists need them, they are brought and put to work in the EU as cheap labor in the worst jobs, unregistered, with poverty wages, without health coverage.  They suffer fascist attacks and are under constant persecution by the police forces that imprison them as in Greece "because they have no residence permit" and apply them the Immigration Act, then casting them as rabid dogs. 

Making them die in the Mediterranean that has turned into a large tomb for immigrant workers, is part of the same offensive against refugees which is been conducted throughout Europe; thus the states are simultaneously closing borders and fortifying them with fences, walls and armed forces so that the migrants cannot enter European soil, as it has happened in Greece; the refugees and immigrants are put in concentration camps that resemble those erected by the Nazis and then deported. Stop it! Enough is enough! Workers from all over Europe with their organizations have the key to curb such a scheme of the imperialist governments against immigrant workers and refugees; no doubt this offensive against the migrants will be afterwards applied to the former in their own countries. 

The immigrants who work in the worst jobs; they are the heart of the European working class! But they have them separated from their class brothers and sisters, the workers of Europe. The leadership of the French, Greek, German unions hasn't done anything to stop this massacre and persecution on the part of their own imperialist governments against immigrant workers and refugees.  The leadership of the parties calling themselves “of the working class” have not put all their available forces to organize the European labor movement in their "in house" struggle against their imperialist governments raising as first point demands of migrant workers and refugees. On the contrary, these leaderships of the working class have supported the imperialists’ slogan: "the enemy is ISIS -" launched by the Hollande government after the self-inflicted attacks it organized in Paris.
And so the Islamophobia grew that divided European workers from immigrant workers and refugees.  The more they were divided, the more the refugees were persecuted, locked up and deported and more workers in Europe lost their conquests: today workers in Spain or Greece suffer an enormous unemployment, cuts in health services and education; in France the government is looking to increase the week working-hours from 35 to 40 with the same pay.
But in France, despite these Trade Union leaderships already workers have risen in general strike against labor reform of Hollande, and the youth, who see no future in front of them occupy the squares in Paris in response to the State of emergency decreed by the Fifth Republic, and welcomes "undocumented" migrants in the squares to coordinate the fight.

French workers and youth in fight are allies to open borders and free the refugees that escape from the massacre in their countries and are imprisoned in the camps of the EU! Actually, if they do not take this fight in their hands, tomorrow imperialist Fifth Republic will impose the worst conditions of slavery on them as imposed on the oppressed peoples and immigrants.
Let’s coordinate this fight throughout Europe and the world from the squares occupied in Paris by workers and French youth, and undocumented immigrants! Let’s spread throughout Europe the general strike in France and occupation of squares in Paris by the youth against the 1% of capitalist parasites! 

We must get rid of the trade union bureaucracy and all the leaderships that have divided workers and worker organizations and be able to unify the struggle of all the working class all over Europe against Maastricht and the EU!
No to deportations! No to the refugee camps! Decent housing for all!
Freedom for all refugees and immigrants imprisoned in imperialist Europe!
Open the borders! Legal documents and citizenship, labor and trade union rights for immigrants/refugees!

Down with the labor reform in France and imperialist Maastricht’s “austerity” plans! Jobs for all! 35 hours of work per week with equal pay on the family shopping basket for all workers in Europe, born to both sides of the Mediterranean!