1 May 2016 – Colombia – International May Day is a demand of the world working class

In this fight we cannot continue fighting divided country by country. Capitalists are organized internationally in their attacks and offensives against the oppressed ones of the world. We need the international unity of the world working class.

In this May Day: Let's break down the borders! Enough of collaborationist leaders who subject us to the bourgeoisie country per country!
Real Democracy is to be with the bourgeoisie of Maduro and Dilma to finally fully hunger the people
The peace chats are just chats about high cost of living, hunger, dismissals and more misery!

The union bureaucracy and reformist parties who claimed to be with the workers have sold out the fight of the working class, as in Colombia, Brasil, Venezuela or even in Cuba, where the Castro brothers sold out the conquest of the revolution to imperialism. Those leaders prevent us from fighting together with our class brothers from the rest of the world. They siege our struggles and revolutionary offensives as they did in Europe. They divided the workers from Greece, France, so on so the European revolution did not stand up. They prevent the workers and exploited from Maghreb and Middle East , and in Syria they are suffering the worst slaughter for uprising for bread, dignity and other demands that we fight in Colombia.
This May Day, standing up with the Syrian masses who continue to resist against the slaughter of Al-Assad and Putin commanded by imperialism! We are with the workers and youth of Egypt who took the streets against the ferocious military dictatorship of Al-Sisi!
Our best allies are the working class and youth of the great imperialist metropolises, as American workers who continue fighting for a wage of $15 an hour and workers and rebels youth in France who carried out a general strike and took streets fighting the Hollande’s government, the 5th French Republic and its plan to attack the 35-hour work week and all the workers’ conquests.

Unite the fight against Santo’s government and imperialism!
Let’s organize the workers and exploited response!
For a revolutionary program for the organizations and struggle from the rank and file, expropriating the bankers and the IMF!
Let the burden of the crisis be paid by the capitalists! For a general rise in wages, with sliding scale, exceeding the increase in the cost of living! No more layoffs! Nationalization without compensation and under workers control of all factory closure, suspend or fire! Re-hire of thousands of fired oil sector and all branches of production which have workers dismissed! Against the waste of outsourcing contracts, labor enslavement and collective agreements! For the right to unionize, against the boss persecution, prosecution and murders against trade union and popular leaders! Freedomtothe more than 7,000 politicalprisoners!
For a national Coordinator of workers! and For a NATIONAL CIVIC STRIKE!
It is time to set up a true National Congress of employed, unemployed workers, militant youth and poor peasants to fight together unite our forces against the democracy for the rich, we need the democracy of those below to win! Let’s unite, regroup and have a powerful working movement to defeat the government of Santos and his minions, the transnational companies and the slaver bosses! This is the true power we must set up, enough with Luis Eduardo Garzón, Angelino Garzón, traitors of the Colombian CP, they are part of the system and bourgeoisie governments and now the current labor minister Clara Lopez ,main leader of the Democratic Pole to "left"national candidate
Open the road to workers' democracy! Out the hands of the state and bosses from the unions and labor organizations! Down with the collaborationist union bureaucracy that sells out our struggles to the oligarchy, bosses and government! The enemy is the FTA! The enemy is the rotten capitalist system that kills us with hunger!
Open the road to the active internationalism!
We are all immigrants and refugees! In Greece there are thousands and thousands of refugees. The “left” government of Syriza has confined them to concentration camps which are true prisons, while keeping imprisoned more than 50 young fighters who stood and fought for their rights.
If the imperialist powers of Europe manage to defeat the refugees who face repression, deportation and confinement in concentration camps, the European working class will be treated the same or worse than them.
No deportations! No to the refugee camps; decent housing for all! Open borders! Papers and citizenship rights, labor and union rights to refugees and immigrants! Jobs forall!
This May Day and beyond this day, we shall continue fighting against imperialism and the lackey bourgeoisie.
This May Day, we must say, as every day, our demands for bread, wages, decent work, health and education are not possible to be achieved within the framework of this rotten imperialist capitalist system. To be able to eat and have a decent life, it is necessary to fight for the victory of the socialist revolution, the working class taking power and expropriating the expropriators of peoples! Fortheoppressedtolive, imperialismmust die!

Grupo Comuneros y Colectivo Utopía La Palabra (Comuneros Group and CollectiveUtopiathe Word)  – FLTI-CI