The place of the Chilean working class isn't in the march and ceremony organized by the pro-imperialist bourgeois Government of Bachelet, her pro-bosses Ministers and the strikebreaking unionbureaucracy of the CUT

For an Internationalist, Socialist, Militant May 1!

Let’s stand up next to the working class, poor peasants and martyred common people of Syria, submitted to the fierce genocidal counter-revolutionary coup of

Assad and Putin on account of Obama!
400 thousand dead, 10 million displaced people and refugees, 1 million 200 thousand in Europe, 100 thousand exploited languishing on the border between Greece and Macedonia…

They are today‘s "Chicago martyrs"!
Let’s stand up next to all the workers and oppressed peoples of Maghreb and Middle East against the murderous dictatorship of Al-Sisi in Egypt, against USimperialism’s invasion of Afghanistan and attacks on Libya, against the Geneva Conference that organizes the worst massacres against the oppressed massesfrom NATO and the United Nations!

For the destruction of the Zionist- fascist State of Israel! Long live the Palestinian Intifada!
Let’s stand up next to the working class and the hungry masses of Venezuelagettingto the streets to face the "Bolivarian" Government of Maduro that applies the worst plans against workers on account of imperialism! Open the way to a new "Caracazo"! Down with the farce of the "Bolivarian revolution"!
Let’s stand up against the capitalist restoration in Cuba by the Castro brothers!

Let’s stand up next to the French working class and youth which take the Place de la Republique in Paris against this 1% of parasites who are looting, starving and massacring the exploited in the world! For a Paris Worker Commune which will only be victorious when succeeding all over France, expropriating the capitalists and demolishing imperialist Maastricht and its States and regimes, that plunder the oppressed peoples in Eastern Europe and worldwide! Open the way to the Ukrainianminers proclaiming "May the USSR return"!
Everybody to the international meeting in Paris on 7 and 8 May to prepare aworld working class International Day of Struggle! Open the way to militant internationalism!
Let’s stand up next to the miners in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Colombia and organize a single struggle to stop the attack of imperialist mining companies and their servant-governments of the region, along with South African miners and the miners in Donbass, Ukraine!
Let’s stand up next to the working class of the Pacific Rim to coordinate a common fight against the Trans-Pacific Treaty redoubling the imperialist oppression on our Nations! Let’s stand up next to the US working class and youth struggling for $15/hour minimum wage!
Let’s stand up for the freedom of all political prisoners in Chile and the world! Freedom forimprisoned Greek rebellious youth in the prisons of Syriza! Freedom for the more than 7,000 Palestinian prisoners in the dungeons of the State of Israel and the Palestinian National Authority prisons! Acquittal for Las Heras (Argentina) oil workers! Let’s strengthen the International Network that stood up to fight for the freedom of all political prisoners in the world!
A single class, the same struggle, a same foe: the MNCs, imperialism and their murderous governments and regimes!
While in Europe social-imperialist left demands from imperialism "Real democracy" to curb the scourge of capital... In Chile the bureaucracy of the CUT, directed by the Chilean Communist Party and New Majority demand "more democracy, reforms now, new Constitution", showing that they are part of the same international policy seeking to expropriate our combat.
This may 1st we do not march with the bureaucracy of the CUT or the bourgeois Government of Bachelet, the CCP and pro-coup DC, enemy of the workers.
In Chile: Everybody to CIUS’ May Day meeting!
We call to participate in the event organized by the CIUS (Initiative for Trade Union UnityCommittee) and dozens of combative labor and student organizations that call for an act under the slogan "For a militant working class May Day" against the Government and the bureaucracy of the CUT "for the unity of the labor movement", as expressed in their call.
We Trotskyists of POI-CI will participate with our banners and our program next to the Chilean and world working class. We will participate under the following banners: for organizing a Revolutionary General Strike, for fighting to forge the worker-student unity, for resuming our revolutionary struggle because we will not allow our “free education for the child of the workerfirst” and “Chilean copper for the Chileans” demands are sold out or negotiated

-To fight for defeating all the bureaucracy of the CUT and the student bureaucracy and flout all collaborators leaderships that gave out our struggle and now submit us to the "dialogue tables" in the corrupt Parliament.
-To defeat the scam of the Government and the Pinochetista right wing Parties about "labor reform", because we workers must organize as we want and re-found the labor movement below upward with the factory committees coordinated by city, region and at the national level, that is, with the CordonesIndustriales as in the ‘70s.
Let's face Bachelet’s labor reformdictated by the imperialisttransnationals and agreed with Pinochetista right wing, as youth and working class do in France, which are facing "Socialist" Hollande’s labor reformon the streets!
-To fight against the employers’offensive that is worsening and has raised 9.4% unemployment in Santiago, in addition to more than 55,000 layoffs in the mining industry, and which holds political prisoners in jails, we must return to 2011-2013 fighting and defeat Bachelet's Government, aGeneral Pinochet’s"Socialist", herfalse “reform” and the civilian-military regime of the right,the Concertacionand the CCP.
Because the path is that of the CordonesIndustriales, because already it has become clear that in Chile oppressedand plundered by imperialism, the only solution for the working class and the exploited is the way of socialist revolution, to finally take it to victory and conquer all of our demands with the renationalization of copper without compensation and under workers control.
To do this, from all the worker and student fighting organizations that will meet in the event convened by the CIUS this May 1, we should realize the cry of "unity of workers" and "worker-student unity" that cannot be so only on one day of the year. It is necessary to conquer that unity immediately. We must move from words to deeds, calling to put up a National Congress of Delegates from the base of all workers, militant students, poor peasants, rank and file soldiers and exploited throughout Chile. This is the way to conquer the true REVOLUTIONARY GENERAL STRIKEand deal with the Government, the military regime, imperialism and their anti-labor ''reforms''. Forbase assemblies of all fighting organizations for voting delegates and ensure this path of effective unity of the working class and the student movement!
This is the program we will participate with in the combative Act on May 1, while the bureaucracy of the CUT - and its small appendices as the PTR - submit the working class at the foot of their executioners.
Trenches are clear. On one side, those who support Stalinism in the CUT so that never again the CordonesIndustriales and revolution return; those who march with the CCP silencing that the Castro brothers have handed out Cuba to imperialism, Obama and transnationals as the AT & T (former ITT), which organized the genocidal military coup of Pinochet; the supporters of bourgeois Governments as of Dilma in Brazil, talking about alleged "coups" while they conceal the real counter-revolutionary blows of imperialism as thatby Assad in Syria. 
On the other side, those as us that strive to prepare a new onslaught of the Chilean working class to put the Chile of the CordonesIndustriales, of socialist revolution, as a bastion of the Latin American and World Revolution.

Under the banners of the 1938 Fourth International! Open the way to the Socialist Revolution!
Chile will be either Socialist or a Wall Street colony!

PartidoObrero internationalist (POI-CI) of Chile adherent to the collective for the Refoundation of the IV International - FLTI

CHILE - This May 1st...

PTR has called to march in defense of PT bourgeois Government in Brazil and to participate
in the class collaboration Act
with Bachelet's Government, her pro-bosses Ministers and the strikebreakers of the CUT bureaucracy

This may 1 the PTR - as well as its "mother-party", Argentinean PTS, supporting the Government of Dilma and the PT, a pro imperialistbourgeois Government who wants to prove to its imperialist master it can - and is willing to take to the final - a top attack to the labor movement and the exploited masses in Brazil. PTR is calling to participate under the motto of "Against the institutional putsch in Brazil", in the class collaboration march of the Bachelet Government, organized by the bureaucrats of the CUT.
However, the reality is that in Brazil the bourgeois clique that wants to remove Dilma moves within the strict frame of the semi-Bonapartista Constitution with which the country is governed since 1988. This Constitution which will allow opposition bands to apply mechanisms that allow down throwingDilma from Presidency today is the same one that was used by PT, PSDB and PMDB in the ‘90s to get rid of then presidentCollor de Meloby means of an Impeachment.
What happens in Brazil, as in Venezuela, is that imperialism -after having used native bourgeoisies, i.e. the "Bolivarian", as the PT and its governments or the Ks’ in Argentina to strangle the revolutionary processes, now comes to bring order to its "backyard". It now encourages the 'right' to perform actions in the streets so that it can press the "progressives" to be which apply the heart of the attack on the conquests of the working class, squeezing them until the last drop of juice, as the "squeezed lemons" of imperialism they actually are. This is what Cristina Kirchner did, what Maduro and also Dilma are doing.
Now, if there were effectively a coup in the works as PTR says, how does it think that coup would be defeated? For the PTR, the right way is through a constituent Assembly! Well, really? Does a vote stop a coup?  No call to crush the coup? No call to a Revolutionary General Strike? Do you think a coup can be defeated without a call to expropriate the private property to large transnationals which would be funding the coup? Without calling the rank-and-file soldiers to break away from their officers in the armed forces?Without sacking the pro-coup judges and without imposing labor and popular courts?
A putsch is stopped by calling the working class to stop production and to crush the putsch. Coups are stopped and democracy defended with the method of the proletarian revolution.
And PTR can't say there are no conditions for this... PTR is in a common front with the CUT, the landless movement, the homeless workers movement, etc., which perfectly could call a great Congress of workers and peasants to organize the General Strike which can crush the "coup".
Here the concrete point is that where there is a brutal counter-revolutionary coup with 400,000 workers and peasants killed in Syria, the PTR shuts up and silences it. The Syrian masses are still fenced while lackey Dilma is tenderly surrounded and supported by the so-called "Socialists" in the words that are mere opportunists in the facts.
And meanwhile, this may 1, as it does every day of the year, the PTR maintains its "tradition" of involving in an ''International Workers’Day '' mobilization by the bourgeois Government of Bachelet, the CCP and the coup-istDC(Christian Democrats), their anti-labor Ministers and the bureaucracy of the CUT. PTR returns to march on a May 1 with a Government that has jailed dozens of political prisoners, redoubles once more its attack on the working class and the exploited masses, and concocts all its ''reforms'' against workers together with Pinochetista Chilean right; a government that deepens the sellout of the nation to imperialism signing the Trans-Pacific Treaty. Nothing new under the Sun: PTR has long become an appendage of the Chilean CP.
The place of the working class is not in that Act of class collaboration, organized by the "Red Pacos (policemen)" of the CCP, the same ones thathanded out Cuba to imperialismtogether with the Castro brothers! The place of the Chilean working class is with hungry workers and exploited in Venezuela that today are rising up against the brutal attack of the Maduro Government. As Venezuelan steel workers of SIDOR shout, this May 1 more than ever: "we do not believe in Hummer Socialists or Communists with Rolex! We believe in the revolution of the workers!"