Bolivia  Neither a party nor submission to the capitalist, their parties, fake parliament under the orders of Wall Street

For a May Day Internationalist fighting and anti-capitalist!

This May Day the workers are with anger against the sold out leaders as Mitma of COB and Gutierrez of FSTMB who support COB as an appendix of MAS and the deputies and “worker” minister as Pedro Montes within Morales’ government. Those treacherous leaders, Mitma leading, negotiate an increase of the minimal national wages of 9% and 6% of the basic agreed. A real misery and fraud against the exploiters when the family basket is in the sky!
Meanwhile the government keeps deepening the brutal attack of the workers and exploited ones trying to privatize the mine company of Huanuni, over exploiting the mine workers, closing the factory, making bigger the layers of unemployed workers. It is the government that increases the bus fare, the food prices and isreducing the university budget on the excuse of the low price of minerals. They are looking to close 4 universities of the National University System.
This government imposes a brutal attack on behalf of the transnational co
mpanies, put in jail the workers, poor peasants and students, represses the disable ones who fight for a decent pension, also the schools are falling apart as the hospitals and the transnational companies keep looting our resources and get paid the foreign debt that Morales servant government pays.
To stop the attack of the capitalist…

The working class and the mine vanguard must stand up!
National Congress with Rank and file delegates of the mine workers of Huanuni, Potosi, state workers, teachers, health workers and exploited ones to fight against the government attack, to define a fighting plan and prepare the General Strike!

COB leaders with the blue T-shirt are strike breakers of the working class fight and the one of the exploited ones. They free the path to the government to deep the brutal attack to the workers, students and poor peasants as true servants of the imperialist transnational companies.
Neither Mitma, Gutierez nor SOLARES! Out with the collaborationist leaders! Out with the “worker” deputies of COB, procurer of the bourgeoisie!
Let’s recover and re-found the COB of 52, from bellow to the top, under the theoretical legacy of the Pulacayo Thesis program!
For an internationalist revolutionary COB!
To conquer wages, free education, decent health and jobs for all and land for the poor peasant:
Expropriation all the imperialist transnational companies without payment and under workers control!
Expropriation to the land of the oligarchy for the poor peasants!

Down with the pact of Morales with the Fascist media Luna, it is necessary to pose the workers-peasant alliance!

Let the revolutionary war cry of 2003-2005: “Out Gringos!”
Gas for the Bolivians! “Neither 30% nor 50%, nationalization now!”
Down with the pact Obama-Castro that sells out Cuba to imperialism, Coca Cola and Wall Street! Today the US flag is spread in Habana!
Out with Wall Street and the imperialist parasites of Bolivia and Latin America!
The same fight against the same transnational companies, Wall Street and Obama! We are all refugees! We are all Aylan Al Kurdi! We are the Palestinian resistance! We are the Syrian resistance!
Our best allies are the American working class and youth against the imperialist beast of the 1% of parasite imperialist and for a wage of $15 an hour. Our allies are working class and the revolutionary youth of France who fight against their own bourgeoisie and stand up against the attack of the capitalist who are taking 35-hour work week and enslaved the youth.
From the rebel France, the youth movement NuitDebout occupied makes an international call to occupy the squares at night fighting against the capitalist, they are calling the world working class to centralize the forces in the International Meeting in Paris on 7 and 8 May, 2016 to launch an international call of fighting on May 15. This is how we fight!
Our best allies are the Syrian working class who did not stop fighting and still resist heroically the bombs od Al Assad and Putin, under the orders of Obama; the Peruvian working class and the students of Chile who are fighting against the work reforms of the “socialist” of the Pinochetist generals of Bachelet, the workers of Sidor of Venezuela who fight against the Bolivarian government of Maduro supported by MUD at the war cry: “We do not believe in Socialist with Rolex and Hummer, we believe in the Worker’s Revolution”
Enough of diving, siege and submit the working class at the knee of the bourgeoisie!
A single class, the same fight!
Open the road to the proletariat internationalism! Open the road to the worker and socialist revolution!

 Liga Socialista de Los Trabajadores Internacionalistas de Bolivia (Socialist League of the Internationalist Worker of Bolivia) endorsed to the Collective for the Re-foundation of the 4th International, FLTI