1 May 2016 – MAYDAY IN SYRIA

From martyred Syria
From butchered Aleppo

Declaration of the socialist revolutionaries of the Leon Sedov Brigade
Let’s stop genocide and extermination of the masses of the Syrian revolution by Obama, Putin and Al-Assad!

An offensive was in the works: we saw the Pope visiting refugee camps in Greece where the government keeps our refugee brothers and sisters worse than animals. This gesture was trying to make the world believe that the Government of the Greek State along with the 'Pope of the poor' ( the leader of the world's richest State!) are allies of those most in need and those who struggle for a better life.

On the other hand, we could smell filthy Merkel’s hate radiating through her pores when she got near the border of our country – together with her cabinet - and declared that Turkey is “a safe country” for millions of Syrian brothers and sisters who are there after having lost everything here and are used in the worst way as slave labor not entitled to anything. This is sentencing our brothers and sisters to death.

After these gestures imperialists and their dogs unleashed hell... 

About a week ago the farce of the "ceasefire" announced by Obama and his Hitman Putin collapsed before the eyes of the world. Dog Bashar - who had never ceased to massacre - began to launch his offensive against our brothers and sisters in Ghouta and Duma (a few kilometers from Damascus, capital of our beloved land), Homs, Hama, and Latakia. Meanwhile, in Aleppo, we were grouping again, attacking and ambushing the war machinery of Putin and the mercenaries of Bashar, Iran and Hezbollah.

At the same time, the FSA generals are in control of those who strongly guard stockpiles of weapons and ammunition in the town of Idlib, which they only used to submit all those who live there. These same FSA generals and the bourgeois group forming the "Syrian opposition" pretended to pull out of the Geneva meeting arguing that they did it on behalf of 70 thousand of our brethren, stranded on the Turkish-Syrian border after Bashar and the Islamic State bombed the camp in which they were.
We know that that group of bourgeois, that were not voted on by anyone, has never left the meeting in Geneva and goes on plotting behind closed doors along with US imperialism, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Bashar Al Assad against us that really resist and carry the banner of the revolution of 2011 which started for bread and freedom.

Far from giving up, both in the city of Aleppo and in the surrounding area, our forces began to coordinate to defend ourselves better from dog Bashar offensive. This rascal, before the impossibility of entering with his troops to the areas that he does not control, did not hesitate to call Hitman Putin — who never withdrew its troops from Syria - and both are launching an extermination operative on us on account of the US and European imperialists.

Since last Wednesday they have dropped more than 1,000 bombs on the city of Aleppo and its suburbs and have wiped out 3 hospitals. Meanwhile, both in Duma and Ghouta, as in Latakia, the generals of the FSA have agreed with Assad’s mercenaries on a "cease-fire" with the excuse of letting go in the crumbs of the UN and convince those who resist of changing their rifle for a package of rice. On the other hand, the FSA generals and their families are free to go out. They are generals without a battle; they are returning to where they always belonged: to luxury hotels. These cowards are handing over unmercifully to the reprisal of Al Assad our brave brothers who have resisted day after day hunger and massacre imposed by him.

On the other hand, Aleppo is excluded from this "cease-fire" because here the word of generals is worth little or nothing. In several groups young people resisting are who choose and revoke their generals; and those elected generals have obligations instead of power. That is why today the massacre is focused here. It is because of this kind of organization where everybody has a voice and one vote and the best fighter is who leads. And this is so because the hunger and the desire of a dignified life are the drives of our fighting. 

They want to erase us from the face of the Earth, as they are doing with our refugee brothers and sisters in Greece and throughout Europe.

But still so we flatly refuse to put down our arms, and few hours before Labor International Day we state: "there will be neither forgetting nor forgiveness" for those who massacre us; much less for those who shut up before the massacre and silence our cries of pain. Neither for to those who slander us and our war cries, nor for those who speak on behalf of the revolution, but in fact have denied it.

For a May 1st  of internationalist help to our resistance in massacred Syria!
Weapons for the displaced internally in our blood-soaked Syria!
Weapons for our brothers and sisters in the ghettos in the borders of our land!
Medical treatment for children, women and the elderly in Aleppo and all over Syria! 

May 1st is our day. Do not give it to the bourgeoisie and let’s show the world that if united, the working class will be visible... and invincible!

León Sedov Brigade

Saturday, April 30 2016