April 26, 2016

ARGENTINA – to May Day, 2016…

For a May Day internationalist, anti-capitalist and in struggle!

April 29: The union bureaucracy gave a truce to Macri’s government who stole 50% of the worker’s wages

They want, now, to submit the workers to the bandit cave of the Parliament and the boss politicians whether “on office” or “the opposition”, all of them under the orders of UIA (Businessmen Chamber of Argentina), the Rural Society and the imperialist Banks


The dismissals are stopped and the wages are conquered with the fight in the streets

Hundreds of thousands of workers are resisting the attack

The bosses and bankers share the profit and are taking the biggest portion…                                         
For the workers, the ones producing the national wealth, there is only left inflation, misery and unemployment


Fighting plan and General Strike now

Enough of submitting the working class to their executioners!

Neither Macri nor PJ nor “Citizen Front” of the Knor the judges under the US embassy.They are all enemies of the people

 “Everyone out, nobody left!

A single demand of the entire worker movement
National Collective Bargain!

47% increase of wages!
21500$ of minimal living not-fixed wages for all!

Trigger clause to prevent inflation overpass the worker wage!
Down with the income tax!

No more dismissals and suspensions!
Sliding scale of hours shifts!
Another work shift in all the factories!

Any unemployed worker has a job! Enough with workers paid under the table! Alltheworkersneedto be full timers!

Everyone know how much a worker earns!
The workers want to know who much the bosses and bankers earn!
Enough with the commercial secret, which hides the profits, capital flight and thief of the capitalist to the people!

It is necessary to unite the ones fighting!

Let’s fight as in Tierra del Fuego!
23 unions coordinated, 57 days on strike fighting against the dismissals and the attacks to their conquest
of the Kirchnerist government and the bosses in the south of the country!

If they want, everyone wins!

Unfortunately, the FIT leadership divide the workers in the struggle as they are going to do this May Day while the agreed a left front to place deputies in the parliament.

From the assemblies, pickets and strike committees, let’s conquer a…


Open the road to the workers democracy! Out the state and the bosses from the unions and the workers organizations! Down with the collaborationist union bureaucracy who sell out our struggle to the oligarchy, bosses and government!

Let’s take again the path to the Cordobazo, the Coordinators and 2001, the one of the pickets and the Revolutionary General Strike!

Let’s break the “protocol” to Bullrich and Macri!
Let’s set up the self-defense committees!

No more Argentina of bankers, US and its politician’s transnational companies, the repressive judges and thief of the people!
Argentina will be socialist or colony of Wall Street!

This May Day, today more than ever:

Immediateacquittal to the oil workers of Las Heras and the comrades of Tierra del Fuego!
Freedom for Milagro Sala!

Drop the charges to the 7000 chased fighters!