Brasil – May Day internationalistfighting and forthesocialsitrevolution

Neither the PT, nor the opposition...
Along with Brazilian workers and exploited to retake the combat of 2013, to organize and conquer the REVOLUTIONARY GENERAL STRIKE!

To stop the attack of the capitalists and the Government of Dilma and Temer...
We need to fight as workers and exploited in Venezuela!

They face attack by Maduro that is the same as Dilma is hurling inin Brazil. They marked the way with Sidor workers’ cry of:"We do not believe in Socialists on Hummer or Communists with Rolex, we believe in the revolution of the workers!" and today with actions in the streets and pickets they resume the path of the "Caracazo"

That’s the way to fight!
In Brazil and Venezuela, a single fight against the Bolivarians
andtheir anti-labor and pro imperialist attacks!

It’s urgent to unify ranks of the workers and the exploited!
We have to conquer a Congress of workers, peasants, poor and combative students, with delegates voted by the base from all trade unions and militant organizations of popular and student fighters!
Let's drive out imperialism and transnationals which loot the country! Expropriation without compensation and under workers control of all imperialisttransnationals! Out with IMF! No to the repayment of the external debt!

  • Expropriation without compensation and under workers control of every factory that closes; suspends or dismissesworkers!
  • Agribusiness transnationals,out of Brazil! Expropriation without compensation and under the control of the workers and poor peasants of all the estates! Productive land for poor farmers right now!
  • Renationalization without compensation and under workers control of Petrobras, Vale, the Embraer, and all of the privatized former state enterprises!
  • Down with the trade secret with which the bosses and imperialists conceal the plundering of the country and the theft from the people! Opening of the accounting books of all transnational corporations and of all the privatized former state enterprises! So we will have certainty of where the wealth we workers produce has gone and with whom!
  • Down with all the agreements for the sellout of our labor achievements signed by the trade union bureaucracy at the bargaining tables with the slaveryemployers! No more dismissals, suspensions and flexibility! Worthy jobs and wages for all right now!
  • Free education, health, transportation and decent housing for the workers and the poor people!
  • Down with the militarization of the favelas and the countryside! Trial and punishment for all the assassins of the workmen and women, black youth and the poor peasants! Immediate release of all the political prisoners in Brazil and around the world! Lift all the crime chargesagainst the worker and popular fighters!

To fight for these minimum demands of the workers and the exploited in Brazil, we must continue along the path walked today by the workers and exploited in Venezuela. Bolivarian Governmentsled by the Castro brothers and the new rich of the Cuban Communist Parties have just given Cuba to US imperialism and are prepared to sealhuge businesses with it. Under the command of Obama and Wall Street they are attacking mercilessly the workers and the poor people. While that happens we, exploited workers and young people, have to endure that collaborationist leaderships of our fight organizations continue cheating us with the mantra that the Government is suffering "a coup"... Enoughof deception!Enough ofhanding out workers to their executioners! The real blow is suffered by the workers in the hands of the anti-labor Government of Dilma-Temer! They have surrenderedBrazil to imperialist plundering and are attacking our conquests; they have imposed starvation, misery, unemployment and massacre in the countryside and the cities!
Until it is too late...
Workers in Brazil have to fight alongside workers in Venezuela, who are facing the Maduro Government which launches the same attack that Dilma in Brazil!
Along the samepath of the workers’ committees of 1978-80 and the uprisings of 2013 in Brazil, by the path of the Caracazo in Venezuela...
Only the workers can put order in the country, because they are the only ones who live on their work and produce all the riches!
Out with Dilma, Temer, Cunha, Moro and all the caste of judges!

ComitêRevolucionárioOperário e JuvenilpelaAutoorganização of Brazil;
Member of the Collective for the Re-foundation of the Fourth International – FLTI