April 20 2016             

Letter from Syrian resistance to Tierra del Fuego teachers attacked by thugs from the trade union bureaucracy

In the name of Allah the merciful and kind, we send the best our prayers and greetings to the Lord of envoys and to their family, friends and everyone in general:
We the libertarian revolutionary rebel fighters against the evil capitalism and the odious bourgeoisie, from here, our beloved Syrian land, and this revolution that is part of a global revolution to end this system that divides us and exploits us, we have learned that a group of fellow Argentine teachers who were doing a fair protest demanding their rights as State employees have been fiercely beaten and repressed by a group of armed gangsters. Such is the answer of the Argentine Government. A response that resembles very much that we got at the beginning of our revolution by the dictator Bashar. When we woke up demanding a dignified life Bashar is responsible for sending groups of mobsters paid by him with knives and sticks. And when he saw that we were still going on with our protests, he sent them again but this time to fire tear gas and rubber bullets on us. Seeing that thus he could not stop us,he began to massacre us with siege weapons and bombing our houses and capturing all those who participated in a mobilization. In the same way this rotten system treats the exploited; as the former Argentine Government spoke in the name of socialism and human rights but wasn't consistent with its own speech, today the new Argentine Government that speaks on behalf of peace and democracy and deludes about respectingthose who work, still shows that it is more of the same lie.
And from here the land of the Syrian revolution we say that the Argentine Government with their oppression forces obliges the working class to rise up in a revolution in that country... and we "will return the spell against the sorcerer”... While we are imposed a "ceasefire" with bullets, teachers (that are who contribute to the formation of the nation) in Argentina are beat up by a band of armed men sent by the exploiters’ government... in Syria we call them Shabiha... paid gangsters who went to attack innocent teachers claiming only what's fair.
So we who are resisting in Syria declare before the world... our revolution is a revolution of the poor people... carried out by the exploited and for the victory of the exploited... Wherever an exploited is fighting... there our revolution will be present... And wherever there is an exploiter there we will go to fight against it... We declare once more our support and solidarity for the attacked teachers... We swear that this infamous action will not go unpunished... And we are at your complete disposal to coordinate our fight, coordinate the fight with our revolutionary comrades gathering together in a global organization with headquarters in Latin America (International Network for the Release of Political Prisoners); and please know that our blood is part of your blood and your blood is part of ours... And your combat is also ours... Rejoice because you are not alone... And fighting together we will make those who dared to hit you to regret it... They started the war... we will win it... Unity with all those who fight against this system worldwide!