April 23, 2016

Dear comrades of JRCL-RMF,
Dear comrades of the Zengakuren youth,
Dear comrade SK,

We received your April 19 letter. You have seen the martyrdom of immigrants and refugees in the Mediterranean is going on. It is clear that the more controlled sea of the world by the navies of the imperialist powers is already a real tomb to the exploited, while not even one oil barrel or cargo vessel container sinks there. Worst of all, the concentration camps for refugees are covering Europe. Now, we are there.
Meanwhile, every day demonstrates that the "ceasefire" of the Geneva Conference on Syria is a vile lie. Putin and Al - Assad attacks are deliberate, while the rebel cities remain encircled and ISIS is not touched even a hair.
Obama has recently journeyed to Saudi Arabia to try to contain his agent that today has been weakened in the region, since US imperialism - who cannot intervene militarily directly - need Al-Assad and the Iranian ayatollahs, together with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, to do the "dirty work" in Syria, support the Zionist State of Israel and stabilize Iraq. No doubt Saudi bourgeoisie demands to be part of the business and the reconfiguration of Nations taking place in the region. United States is discussing with Saudi Arabia an "orderly exit" of ISIS that is actually stabilizing the Centre of Iraq and Northern Syria, also on account of imperialism.

Geneva’s "ceasefire" is "suspended" for the moment, which is ridiculous. That is not so. The bombings go on. While they are discussing -as from 4 years ago!- whether the transition is with or without Assad, imperialism continues to support the dog Bashar up to the moment he ends crushing the exploited. The reason is, the resistance has not surrendered. There are a million Syrian refugees, many of them displaced within Syria, wandering through the fields. They permanently return to the cities to try to recover their homes. There they are attacked by the army of Al - Assad and return to fight. Thus the resistance has returned to cities like Homs, Hama, etc. The struggle in Duma is strengthened a few blocks from the State House. While in other areas, the generals of the FSA are disputing nails and teeth with the generals of Assad and ISIS a “fair” distribution of businesses, preparing for the "post-war".

But capitalism is in shock. Nothing is steady. A huge strike rocked Kuwait as the oil workers to stopped production against layoffs and wage reduction. With oil at $41, the powerful oil working class in Maghreb and Middle East threatens to walk out to new battles. That’s why the imperialists still continue leaving ISIS occupy huge areas in Syria and Iraq so that it disciplines oil workers while extracting cheap oil for the transnational companies which then sell it to Turkey.

Meanwhile, a gust of fresh air arrives from Europe; it comes from the onslaught of the French masses against the Government of Hollande's attack on them. In Paris and in dozens of cities all over France youth is in a state of revolt against the labor precarization. There has emerged Nuit Debout movement that calls for an international meeting next May 7 and 8, as announced, to face imperialism and prepare an International Struggle Day for May 15. This meeting would have escaped for now and momentarily from the control of the reformist left and the renegades of of Trotskyism. But anyway these addresses are putting pressure on this huge phenomenon of radicalization that is beginning in Paris and spreads in Europe.
PODEMOS has silenced any accusations to the agreement of Syriza with the Troika to martyr Greek workers and poor people. A “left wing" led by the former Finance Minister (Varoufakis) who had broken with Syriza, is preparing to participate in the International Day.
Yesterday in the Spanish State people have been filling the squares against the agreement between the EU and Turkey to expel all the refugees. The political crisis of the Spanish State escalates every day. A front of PODEMOS, the Spanish Syriza, with the PSOE and Izquierda Unida prepares to contain the predisposition of Spanish masses to start great revolutionary battles.
There exists a deep crisis also in the masses since the revolutionary centers of Ukraine and Greece have been controlled. The European working class should know how Syriza, friends of Spanish PODEMOS and Hollande’s partners, is destroying the refugees movement, throwing to jails the best youth fighters and violently attacking the Greek working class -worse than Hollande in France- is attacking the French workers and students.
The FLTI will wage this battle since today the breaking of the siege to the Ukrainian and Greek revolutions is resolved on the streets of Paris and Madrid, defeating PODEMOS, Syriza and the renegades of Trotskyism again and preventing them from carrying the European new emerging working class to cruel defeats as they have done in Greece and Ukraine. From the FLTI we launch this fight.

It is clear that the working class and the youth when in their fight break the control of the reformist aparatus tenf to unify the international unity of its fight. The fight for $15/hour minimum wage by the young American workers is the same struggle throughout the world for the working class. The struggle of the French youth against "labor reform" that takes from them the 35-hour week and leaves the French working class available for the bosses will for 46 hours a week means that they are openly fighting against the Toyota-like method of production. The French working class and youth fight alongside the workers in Japan for the same demand. It is time to unite the Marxist vanguard with the internationalist workers and youth that have stood up in Europe, Maghreb and the Middle East.
From Paris on April 16 a call has come for solidarity with the struggle of the massacred peoples and "the creation of a space of convergence of struggles. This convergence could go further and extend internationally. There are ties between the numerous movements which oppose precarization, the imposition of financial markets, the destruction of the environment, the wars and militarism, the degradation of our living conditions in the four corners of the world." And as we told you on May 7 and 8 they call to an international meeting in Paris for organizing a day of international struggle on May 15.

The Union bureaucracies, Stalinism and reformism refuse to unite struggles of the labor movement and the revolutionary youth in each country or even city to hit as a single fist against the class enemies. No doubt French rebel youth has escaped for now the control of reformist apparatuses. All those apparatuses have turned to try to control this movement; though we believe that the time has come to battle them to prevent a new defeat as those in Ukraine or Greece.

The vanguard fighters of the Place de la Republique in Paris should know that Syriza, the Greek PODEMOS is worse than Hollande, as it has removed not only the 35-hour workweek, but jobs, retirement, health and education from the Greek workers. 
They should know that Syriza is supporting murderous Putin and Al-Assad in Syria and has supported the "April 6" movement in Egypt which handed power to the military dictatorship of Al-Sisi. 
The rebellious youth of Paris should know that their siblings fighting in Chile against Syriza and PODEMOS of Bachelet's government and Stalinism.
Rebel youth of Paris and the Indignados (Outrageous) back rebelled in the Spanish State must know that Syriza has imprisoned rebel Greek youth and has jailed 100,000 refugees in concentration camps. 
The rebellious youth from Paris Germany, Belgium and Madrid should know that this traitorous left agent of the capitalists supports the Zionist-fascist State of Israel and that there is no possibility of solving the defense of conquests and coming out of hunger, misery and the attack of the capitalists without defeating imperialist Maastricht.

The revolutionary Marxists must intervene in these processes openly.  Now, already within the same Plaza de la Republique there has emerged a sector of ducked reformists, Stalinists or social-democratic middle-class men that call themselves as "citizens", which tries to take the leadership of the square, be their spokesmen, etc. On the other hand, there is a huge internal current of the square that wants to separate from it these "citizens" who are not representative of the fight or the objectives of the working class and the French youth.

It is clear that in that square, as it emerged in Tahrir square in Egypt yesterday, a reformist, pro-bourgeois current is emerging that wants to prevent  the labor movement from fighting together with the youth, getting rid of the traitorous trade union bureaucracy. So this new reformist current seeks to separate the square of the "Indignados" from the working class. The same happened in Madrid in 2011-2012.

This sector of the Place de la Republique and of reformism will not hesitate to support a negotiation in which all the conquests of the French youth and working class were sold out just in a moment when what is necessary is the defeat of the Government and of the imperialist Fifth Republic... This is so. 
All the Pro-imperialist currents have turned to try to contain and neuter the content of that square because they have learned from Tahrir. They fear this can be transformed into a real dual power that represents all of the working class and the exploited of France.
It would be sufficient that all the factories, establishments, combative unions, immigrants, unemployed, colleges and faculties sent delegates so there arises a real dual power, the power of the self-organized exploited free from the tutelage of the bosses; it would be the power of a true representative "Commune" of the vast majority of French people.

This movement of "citizens" who tries to capture that square is one of representatives of "Versailles", seeking to defeat the "Commune". It is imperative to be there to help the working class and the French youth to resume the path to revolution, getting rid of the left smoke-sellers.

We have seen, as in the Spanish State, in Greece, in the uprisings of precarized youth in Peru or in the return to combat of young Chileans, the disposition to radicalization in huge swaths of the youth. Its most valuable exponents are in the prisons of Syriza repressors in Greece. They, and the fight for their freedom, as well as for the live appearance of the martyred students of Ayotzinapa, must be in the Place de la Republique of the French youth.

And that's the fight we are waging from our organization; because effectively no current of the pro-imperialist reformist Parties of the French left or the world have ever called for a centralized international action of the world working class.

They dislocate and separate each of the revolutionary struggles in our countries from each other. Those of the workers and youth in imperialist Europe are separated from that of their siblings in Maghreb and Middle East. The US American working class is separated from their Latin American class brothers and sisters. In Asia-Pacific, the struggle of the Japanese proletariat is separated from that of the slave-like Chinese working-class... Meanwhile, the reformists and Stalinists have encircled each revolution, as in Ukraine, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and martyred Palestine. 
They do not call to unite all those who fight, beyond the diversity of opinions, to face that 1% of parasites who comprise all the exploiters of the world,

There on the Place de la Republique in Paris, with that appeal, the US working class and youth fighting for $ 15 wage hour have a place, as their allies are there, not in Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

You have to take that internationalist call that escaped to reformism, because just every step to the international unity of the combat of the exploited puts on the order of the day the defeat of reformism in the labor ranks and it is high time for this to happen because if not, the road to victory will be closed in the immediate period.

Mohammed Bouazizi killed himself in Tunisia because he could not work as a computing technician and the authorities let him not put his stand of vegetables. Youth dies today massacred in Syria and Palestine, and they also have children jailed in the prisons of the State of Israel. All of them have to be in that square.

Revolutionary students in Paris are brothers and sisters of the 43 missing of Ayotzinapa in Mexico. Their relatives toured throughout the Americas looking for their children and we will fight for them to coordinate with the Place in Paris, with the miners in Marikana, with iron and steel workers fighting against layoffs in China, with the dead workers of textile factories in Bangladesh. Because with them youth and workers that encircle US military bases at Okinawa in Japan will have an essential support.
That's the battle that has arisen internationally because at the Place de la Republique in Paris, we insist two alternatives arise: either the masses are still subject to reformism and what comes is a “Versailles” counterrevolution, i.e. as that of Al-Assad, Al-Sisi, the fascism of Kiev in Ukraine, or the revolutionary movement clears the way and allows us to wave the flag of a victorious Paris Commune over the rebel France again. A Commune which would take as a first measure that risen by the Paris Commune back in 1871: "ALL THE WORKERS OF THE WORLD ARE CITIZENS WITH FULL RIGHTS IN LA COMMUNE DE PARIS".

We, the comrades of the FLTI will not be absent in this battle. The comrades of Las Heras are already sending a delegation to Paris Place de la Republique. Spokesmen for the Brigade Leon Sedov who are struggling in Greece along with the refugees, will arrive in Paris. The revolutionary movement must unite their forces in this battle. If in France we break the siege of the treacherous addresses, the struggle in our countries and in Japan in particular, where new and harder strokes are looming against the working class, will enter a superior level, since the historical stage will begin to open up where the masses may exceed the limit imposed on them by their treacherous directions.

7 and 8 May must be in France because we have to prevent reformism turn the light off the spark of Paris.

In the Republic Square they have participated immigrants from France, the most exploited of the European working class. They are the spokesmen of refugees if they stay in Europe without papers will be tomorrow or the new dead and slaughtered in the Mediterranean or in the grip of the counter jackals agents of the imperialist companies in the Middle East.

It is remarkable, dear comrades, see how the masses when they exceed and outweigh the treacherous leaderships, immediately call an international match. We insist, he is that capitalism in bankruptcy shows to the masses that the enemy is the same, that their struggle is the same and that their demand is the same with that 1% of parasites that are leading to human civilization into bankruptcy and war.
The youth of the great exploited masses is advanced in this fight. It is also the engine of the increase to $15 in the US. And it plays a dynamic and advanced role against US military bases in Japan and imperialism.

Undoubtedly Japanese youth and Zengakuren have much to say in the Squares of Paris. If you decide to make a statement comrades, either as JRCL-RMF or from the Zengakuren youth to speak and address the vanguard of the working class in France, Spain and Greece, we will be happy to take your positions there.
But we are also confident that together we will give the battle for this call for the unity of all the exploited of the world and participate in common in the May 7 and 8 actions in France and in the international day of ight on May 15.

Please be sure that this May 1st we will fight for the cry "Freedom to the heroic Greek rebel youth" to be shouted in the Place de la République so that the Athens spark ignite Europe and the world again. 
We want to hear the voice of the relatives of the students missing in Mexico still seeking their children.

We want the refugees and the heroic resistance of the Syrian and Palestinian youth to make the thunder of their voice heard in the Place de la Republique in Paris -in the entrails of the European imperialist beast. 
We want to be there this May Day, to pay homage to all the exploited massacred in the world.  We want to be there to denounce the traitors within the working class; those that have hedged and buried the revolutions; those who delivered Cuba to imperialism; those who support Al-Assad the murderer; those who like the FIT of Argentina, support bankrupt bourgeois governments in Latin America that are lackeys of imperialism and implacable enemies of the working class and their anti-imperialist struggle, such as the "Bolivarians" or as Dilma and Lula in Brazil.

This is our objective and we will not rest until making it a reality; because new internationalist forces arise in each fight of the world working class. And this shows whenever there is a decisive struggle of the exploited, paid agents of capital in the global labor movement get overstretched and overwhelmed by the revolutionary masses. But this energy and this steam, such as in a boiler, require a piston so this maintains the heath of the revolution and prevents the power of steam from dissipating.

A sector of the Greek rebel youth called for an International "black December". The same December 2015 a "Global day of struggle for the freedom of political prisoners in the world" stood up, which was called by the "Committee of Las Heras condemned oil workers, their family and friends" plus the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders, etc.
Now we have the possibility of convening an Internationalist May, a May of fire, to join the struggle of the exploited of the 5 continents. 

Open the way for the internationalist struggle of the working class and revolutionary youth around the world!

Comrades: 100,000 refugees are in camps in Greece. The Europe of Maastricht and Imperial "democracies" has created dozens of Ghettos of Warsaw in the old continent. In Greece we see tens of thousands of these refugees, willfully supported by thousands of volunteers of the Greek and European youth.
We know that despite all heroic attempts to break fences and destroy the barbed wires in Macedonia that are preventing the arrival of refugees in Europe, this fight has been weak against the concentrated counter-revolutionary forces, expressed in the Pact sealed between the EU and Turkey to expel the refugees from Europe.
Our mates, spokesmen for the Syrian resistance, who have fought in the refugee camps of Idomeini in Greece and who have shared the selfless and heroic Greek youth fight to save their refugee brethren, are already marching in Paris to propose and fight to unite the forces of all the exploited and mass organizations in Europe.
The masses in Spanish State are already marking the way. There dozens of Plazas have stood up in support of refugees. This time the barbed wire and the siege of NATO - which bombards refugees in the Mediterranean and returns them to Turkey- can only be broken from Macedonia, from the European side.
Thousands of delegates from labor organizations and students from across the continent are the only ones that could break the barbed wire so that our brethren the refugees enter Europe.

Forces that the masses have deployed in every combat are huge; though betrayal is enormous. Capitalists and imperialism do not win battles by means of their forces, but through the betrayals of the forces serving them to the inside of the mass movement.
Putting up a front of internationalist struggle, beyond diversity, to face imperialism and its lackeys in the world labor movement is the task of the moment; it cannot be done only by the talking, it is necessary and urgent to do the walking.
All to the Paris Place de la Republique to put in place the power of the Commune! The imperialist capitalist system must die and with it all the scourge that supports it, and all torturers that daily sacrifice the lives of millions of the martyrs of Chicago today!

Long live the unity of the international working class! Let's prevent the spark of Athens from going off, let’s make it completely ignite Paris!

We are available for whatever you need to launch this fight together

Revolutionary greetings,

Carlos Munzer and James Sakala,
For the International Secretariat of the FLTI

Jussa Kudherezera,
For the revolutionary black workers movement of South Africa and the WIL of Zimbabwe

Abu Muad,
For the Leon Sedov Brigade - Internationalist Revolutionary Movement of Syrian resistance

Argentina’s Democracia Obrera’s Youth, from the Place de la Republique, Paris